Copper in the Kitchen (& My Thrifted Copper Finds)

Rumour has is that after a few years of brass bliss, copper is the new trending metal. While I will forever love brass and gold, I've always been a fan of copper as well. It's warm, rosey tone feels so rich and somehow nostalgic. Maybe that is owing to the adorable little set of copper measuring cups that my mother has had hanging in her kitchen for as long as I can remember.
For me, copper is a natural choice for the kitchen, providing a warm colour to a space that can often read cold.
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^This example shows mixing metals (stainless appliances, brass hardware and copper accessories) is totally doable, breaking a long standing myth!
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I've rounded up some of my favourite copper items of the moment below:

measuring cups / KitchenAid Stand Mixer / Set of 4 Cannisters / Moscow Mule Mugs / Colander

Another great place to source affordable copper accessories for the kitchen is thrift stores. This past weekend I took a trip to my local Value Village and came away with a copper sauce pan in great condition and a charming copper tea pot for only $8 each. I love them both:

Do you have any copper in your own kitchen?
Bonus tip: Use a soft cloth and ketchup to keep your copper in prime shine!



  1. nice; ]



  2. I am a big fan of copper!!


  3. YES....YES.....
    I think copper mixes is perfectly with all metals....stainless, gold, you name it. It looks great in kitchens...

  4. I love copper! It's so nice to see so much copper about this season, as it looks amazing with everything.
    That teapot is lovely :) great find!

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  6. I would kill for anyone of those kitchens! I love copper and your finds are great!

  7. Love the look of copper in the kitchen. I have copper pots but no place to display them.

  8. YES to copper and I love your finds. I've only found a copper candle stick at the thirftstore but am looking for more ;)

  9. My MIL has tons of old copper cookware. It always looks beautiful.

  10. That teapot!! What an amazing find, I am so jealous! I love the copper mixed with brass, so warm and such a modern look. Okay but I really can't get over that teapot :)

  11. I really love the copper detail in this kitchen. I would have never thought of it so I am glad that I came across this blog post. My favorite part of the entire kitchen is the stove and range. It looks so elegant and of course, I love the copper detail. http://www.designsbykf.com


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