Meet my Boyfriend: Marshall Jacklin

As some of you know, I have been dating the kindest, most thoughtful man for the past 10 months or so, who I mysteriously refer to as 'M'. Well today, the mystery is over as I'm so proud to introduce him to the world. His name is Marshall Jacklin, and not only is he the best boyfriend, he is also a talented musician who sings, plays piano, and writes the most incredible of songs.
For the past year and a half, Marshall has been hard at work writing, editing, practicing, eliminating and recording tracks, and has now arrived at a collection of 9 songs for his new album 'Putting on a Show'.  It is available for free download at his brand new site, www.marshalljacklin.com, which officially launches today. Each song was recorded in a full take, demonstrating his skills as a live musician. Some songs make me laugh, some make me dance, more than one makes me cry (especially 'Much Younger'...literally every time). He is so inspiring!


I am so in awe of this handsome man and his talent! I hope you will all take a moment to listen, share, download, etc. You can also follow Marshall Jacklin on instagram here to keep up to date!

Thank you so much! I am SO proud of you babe!


My Sequin Camera Strap: Sam and Kate Designs

Today I'm taking some time to highlight one of my newest favourite accessories, as seen in my home tour on The Everygirl. I am completely smitten with my sequin camera strap from Sam and Kate Design. I went with the silver sequins and silver tulle combo, which I adore, but the girls have recently launched a whole bunch of other fab colour combos! It makes taking pictures for the blog way more fun, and Sam and Kate are such sweethearts!
via The Everygirl, photo by Anna with Love

via The Everygirl, photo by Anna with Love

Check out Sam and Kate on Instagram here, and their shop here! And see more of my home tour at The Everygirl!


Lilac and Gold

I was flipping through the September issue of Style at Home Magazine and was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful lilac and gold bathroom. I know not everyone is feeling this year's 'Radiant Orchid', but this subdued version of the hue paired with both aged and polished brass is really speaking to me. I was even more delighted when I realized it was done by local Toronto designer, Tara Fingold, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting. I was so inspired by this fresh, unexpected combination, and I hope you will be too!

 I was inspired to create a little lilac and gold moodboard that captures the quiet luxury of this look!
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What do you all think of this colour combination?
 What a gorgeous design Tara, and congratulations on the feature!



Coffee Table Tuesdays with Jackie of York Avenue

Hi all! I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for everyone who stopped by my home tour on The Everygirl and left a little love. The response has been truly overwhelming and I am so grateful! If you missed it, you can catch up here!

It's Tuesday again, and I'm excited to welcome another blogger whose small studio apartment was featured on The Everygirl, Jackie of York Avenue! Jackie and I have been 'blog friends' for a long time, and I think it's soon time to plan a trip down to NYC to visit this girl for real. She has a wonderful blog and, of course, killer styling skills. Let's find out her tips for styling the perfect coffee table:

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 I too, love Jackie's distorted candle stick, don't you? Be sure to check out Jackie's blog and instagram for more design inspiration and to live the life of an Upper East Sider vicariously through her!
Thanks so much for joining us today Jackie!


My Home Tour on The Everygirl

I am so excited to announce a secret I've been holding on to for months now. Today, my apartment is being featured on The Everygirl!!! My heart is so overcome with gratitude, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment, I am truly blessed. I hope you will all head over to check out the feature, learn more about me, and see my place looking better than ever thanks to the talented photography of my friend Anna from Anna With Love.

Thank you so much to The Everygirl team for this amazing opportunity and to Anna, whom I could not have done this without.
And to anyone new popping by my blog, hello! I am so happy that you're here and I can't wait to get to know you better!
Click here to see the full tour and learn more about my career journey thus far and my decorating process!

All photos shot by Anna With Love for The Everygirl.


Coffee Table Tuesday with The Little Black Door

Today, I'm so happy to welcome Elizabeth of The Little Black Door, whose colorful home and blog I love, and who has always been a tremendous support to me personally throughout this crazy journey we call blogging. The Little Black Door is one of the first blogs I followed religiously, and it continues to be one of my daily 'must checks'.
Grab a mug of the good stuff and get ready to be inspired!
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So smitten with her coffee table and the sentimental value that Elizabeth infuses her home with through decor! I think this is a lesson for all of us. How we decorate our homes can help us to treasure so many wonderful memories. Be sure to check out Elizabeth's blog and instagram!

Thanks for participating Elizabeth and Happy Coffee Table Tuesday everyone!


Leon's Mirrored Side Table - Styled 3 Ways

Mirrored furniture has been trending for a couple of years now. I love these kinds of pieces because they add sparkle and glamour to any room, without taking up any visual space. Because they reflect everything around them, they almost read as invisible to the eye. When Leon's asked if I would style one of their lovely mirrored side tables in 3 different ways, I jumped at the opportunity! I wanted to show you all just how versatile a piece of mirrored furniture can be!

Style # 1: Alternative Bar Cart:
Play up the sparkle factor of the mirrored piece by transforming it into an alternative bar cart. Add a gold tray, sparkling crystal and glassware, and some fun colorful liqueurs and accessories.

Style # 2: Black and White
The beauty of mirror is that it is virtually colorless. Unlike Style # 1 where I added in fun colour, here I opted to play up the monochromatic scheme instead by sticking to all black and white accessories and decor. As many of you know, black, white and gold is my favourite colour scheme right now.
Style # 3: Eclectic Traditional
It is true that mirrored furniture, especially the clean lines of this specific piece, tend to read more modern and contemporary. I love a little juxtaposition in my decor, so I decided to playfully contrast the piece's inherent modernity with a some more traditional, country estate-esque styling.

And there you have it! Three different looks to show you that mirrored furniture can work with pretty much any decor style. Have I convinced you? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments!

The Leon's in downtown Toronto where I picked up my mirrored side table is at one of the coolest locations, right by the Rogers center. They call it Leon's Roundhouse because it is located in the old train station round house, so it's got a lot of history and caters to downtown condo dwellers. A big thanks to my friends at Leon's for partnering with me on this fun project!


Holy Chic: Cute and Affordable Graphic Tees

Holy Chic you guys! I have been wanting some graphic tees for awhile now, and I just found the cutest ones from Old Navy Canada! Best part? The website is currently offering 20% off orders over $100 (25% if you are in the US!) until tomorrow, making these tees just under $12 each. Graphic tees are so versatile! They can be paired with jeans, an a-line midi skirt, even a pencil skirt!
I couldn't believe these were Old Navy! They feel very JCrew, no? I have a feeling these are going to fly off the shelf, so get yours while you can! (I myself, bought all four...ooops!). This is not a sponsored post, I just loved these tees and wanted to share!


Sophisticated Styling: A Narrow Mantle

Today I'm sharing a seldom seen area of my living situation. I've mentioned before that I live in a student building where I have my own studio-style apartment, complete with living room/bedroom area, large walk in closet, and my own bathroom. My kitchen accommodations, however, are shared with the five other girls living in my building. Beside the kitchen, there is also a small community TV area. 
I was inspired by the mantle (on the non-working fireplace) down there the other day and decided to give it a quick makeover using found items from my apartment. Before, it was covered in junk mail and strange odds and ends such as batteries and a spool of thread. 
It's amazing what a ten minutes of styling can do!

The tricky part about styling a narrow mantle is that you only have a few inches of depth to make it count. This eliminates the possibility of any big, sculptural pieces. Instead, I've chosen to layer leaning art for easy switch-out in an asymmetrical layout to break up the formality of the more traditional fireplace. All of the art pieces used are my original paintings. I've added one small, interestingly shaped vase to the vignette to add some 3 dimensionality and a curvilinear form, and threw a couple decorative match boxes to complete the vignette with a 'lived-in' atmosphere.

Is there an area in your house that could use a little extra styling love?



Coffee Table Tuesday with The Peak of Tres Chic

Today's Coffee Table Tuesday features one of the first friends that I made in the blogging world, Sam of The Peak of Tres Chic. Like me, Sam is currently in school studying Interior Design. This lady has a big career ahead of her, as evidenced by her amazing Rose Creek project. Sam participated in my Favourite Furniture Fridays series way back when, and I am so thrilled to welcome her back for this new series. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Sam's styling tips!

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I also love her tufted sofa, so amazing! Be sure to check out Sam's blog and instagram for more daily inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing Sam.


Pink Houses

For my studio project this term, we are designing a boutique hotel in an old Victorian mansion, complete with corner tower.
In my hunt for some inspiration for the exterior, I came across some pretty stunning pink houses. Although this is not direction we are taking our hotel, it most certainly is the direction that I am taking my daydreaming this Monday morning! Enjoy!

via Elizabeth Anne Designs
 It's my dream to live in a century home such as a Victorian. While I'm not sure I would paint it pink, it is fun to daydream!