Lovely Little Lots

Hey babes! Today I'm sharing my 'Lovely Little Lot' over at Glamourmash!
Get a detailed look at my new rental and find out a little bit more about yours truly!
Holly is one of my daily reads, so hop over on over and check it out, you'll love her blog!


Metallic Hide Rugs

I know I'm a bit late on this post, but I haven't been able to get Catherine Sheppard's home out of my head since I saw it on The Glitter Guide back in June.
More specifically, I'm still drooling over her metallic cowhide rug, I mean, how good!
via the glitter guide
via the glitter guide
Then yesterday, I was on Rug USA's website (because I feel the perfect rug for  my living room space would be a faux zebra hide) and I came across this metallic beauty:

I just love it! It's currently half off and an excellent price at $335, but sadly still out of my lowly student budget.
They also offer this one, with silver metallic detailing. It's so subtle and glittery!

Cowhides are probably my all time fave kind of rug (although my guy doesn't like them...he's cray but I MUST convince him by the time we get a place together), and I'm now lusting over these glammed up options!


Wednesday's Sketchbook: Dog Art

via Design Manifest and Courtney Apple Photography
 Please don't hate me, but I'm definitely more of a cat person. This is half out of loyalty to my beloved cat, Smokey, and half out of my fear of big dogs and the fact that their noses often find, you know, le crotch.
That being said, I'm absolutely in love with my bf's golden retriever Molson.
 Annnnd me and the man sometimes discuss getting a puppy together in the future. We both want a Boston Terrier ever since seeing the adorable one chilling on the boat in an episode of Swamp people. Seriously guys I can't make this stuff up.
 ^Here he is with his swampy owner.

We've even got the name of our imaginary future pup picked out...but I'll never tell!
Anyways, for now I've painted up a little Boston to keep me company...don't tell Smokey.

If and when we eventually get the real little brute, I will def pull a Naomi of Design Manifest and blow up large pictures of my handsome pet to frame like art. Is it just me, or do dogs look more sophisticated as an art subject than a cat would?
via Design Manifest and Courtney Apple Photography
  Her little pug is the perfect model! I think the key is the black and white photography.
Are you a cat or a dog person?


My Dream Fall Outfit

The chilly weather has set in, and I've started to put away the shorts in favour of some warmer wear.
Fall is probably my favourite season. The crispness of the air and the scent of the leaves falling and pumpkin pie baking. Just too good.
If I had it my way, this outfit would be on my body and never ever leave it:
Bring on the moody hues, darker lips, comfy scarves and cute jackets!
What does YOUR dream fall outfit look like?


Design that Stands the Test of Time

 Trends are inescapable. As a social media driven society, we have consistent exposure to these fads that are pretty, fun, popular, and well received. But for me, really good design is about incorporating those trends in a timeless way... in a way that won't need to be revisited or redecorated in a few months, or even a few years.

When I was browsing the current fall decorating issue of Style at Home Magazine, I was stopped in my tracks by this home:
So beautiful, and SO current. The zebra print, the lucite and butterfly artwork, the grasscloth wall coverings, the use of the color coral, the chippendale chairs, the polka dotted seat cushions - All of it embodies the major design trends of today.

And yet, when I read the article, I couldn't believe that this room was designed 30 years ago and has been unaltered since. That is the talent of the late and iconic designer Ray Staples, who decorated this room in the eighties.

The timeless beauty of this space and the careful and imaginative forethought and talent of Staples has left me truly awe inspired.  Her legacy lives on through her works that withstand the test of time.


Favourite Furniture Fridays: With Love From, Kat

 Hi everyone!  I'm Kat from With Love From, Kat.  I'm so excited to be guest posting here today!  I love that Tiffany does "Favourite Furniture Fridays" - it's such a fun way to get a peek into various blogger's homes.  My favorite piece of furniture is my Shabby Chic settee.  
 I picked it up a few weeks ago from the Shabby Chic store in Soho.  Moving furniture in NYC is tricky, so my boyfriend and I decided to call an SUV car service to pick us up and then loaded it into the car ourselves.  Once we made it back to our apartment, we carried the settee up 4 flights of stairs!  If you've read my Ikea story then you know that this was a piece of cake compared to that ordeal!  Anyways, the effort was well worth it because I am in love with this couch.  
 The crisp, white linen fabric is such a nice contrast against the exposed brick wall.  Let's just hope no one spills anything on it... ;) Thanks for having me Tiffany!

Are you all swooning over this space as much as I am? The settee is gorgeous of course, but lets also notice those wood floors, the brick, the ghost chairs! This girl has good taste. Be sure to check out her blog!


My Fave Things

Today I'm over at Mimosa Lane sharing some of my very favourite belongings.
While the best things in life are free, it's fun to indulge in a little show-and-tell now and then!
I'd love for you to check it out HERE!



Wednesday's Sketchbook: Completed Foo Dog Painting

 I finally got my art supplies unpacked and finished up the foo dog painting that I had been working on!
This is the first time I've put paint to paper without sketching in pencil first. I am just head over heels for this guy!
Oh, and in case any of your are wondering, the polka dot sheets on my bed are Kate Spade!
I scored them at Home Sense for $50 for the whole set.
Woo! As always, happy mid week my loves :)



My DIY Greek Key Bench

  Two DIYs in one week? Moving really has me on the ball people.
Today I bring to you the story of a bench.
^ Here is what it looks like now. I use it as a coffee table/ottoman in front of my couch, but it could easily go at the foot of a bed or in a front foyer! I love how versatile a good bench is.

Let's travel back in time to July, 2011 to see what the piece used to be:
Picked this baby up at Good Will for $4. It was chipped, bubbling and a strange height for a coffee table. But I saw the potential of those great legs (and yes, it took me over a year to finish even start this one).

The First step was to remove the top of the table:
^ It was attached with these L-brackets that easily unscrewed.

Next, I used the top as a template to cut out the 2inch upholstery foam that would sit on top to form the cushion of the bench.
I cut out the foam with a serrated knife and used spray adhesive to attach it to the table top. I did the same for a layer of cotton batting.
^Since my bench is four feet long, I ordered 2 yards of fabric and cut it down to size.
The fabric I chose was 'Greek Key, Buff' from Tonic Living.

Then, with the help of my parents, I staple gunned the fabric to the underside of the table and reattached the top. Oh and I also painted the base of the bench white!

I'm so pleased with the end result. The entire project cost me around $40. I had the paint leftover from an old project so that kept costs low, but it required very little paint!
Then, on a trip to Home Sense, I was even more pleased when I spotted this:

The EXACT same fabric on a similar looking bench for 200 dollars!

Pretty amazing if you ask me!


DIY: Gold Skull

What a weekend that was my loves! But I am officially moved in to my new place in TORONTO. Though I'm feeling a bit lonely right now, I love the space and know that soon enough it will feel like home.

Today I've got an easy peasy skull tutorial, perfect for the fall, Halloween, or really just any time of the year if you ask me!

This tutorial is inspired by the latest skull trend, and more specifically this image:
If you have a Micheals near by, you're set, because that's  where I got all of my supplies! If not, its Halloween decor time so you should be able to find skulls at local dollar stores, etc.

Supplies: Skull and Gold Spray Paint (seriously, that's it...maybe some newspaper).
^ I found this paper mache guy at Micheals for only $2 (when I used the weekly 40% off coupon).

The one and only step: Spray paint!!!! I did three coats.

Then display and enjoy. I just love how this little guy adds some edge to my new home!

I have a whole slew of fun projects to share with you over the next few weeks (including my greek key bench you can see in the photos above), so stay tuned!