Just popping in today to share a glimpse into my daily life via my instagram feed.
Are you all on Instagram? I was pretty late to the game but it has quickly become my favourite form of social media. It's so fun to see what you are all up to each day.
If you don't have Instagram...well, it's time loves, it's time. But in the meantime you can catch up here.
 ^My new prints came from The Aestate, including the original watercolor of the Yves St. Laurent leopard loafers. Couldn't be more excited! The gallery wall is coming along..
^Some additional art I've been gathering. Loving the little oil landscape I scored at the flea market recently. See more info on my butterfly taxidermy here.
^Got a huge bag of my favourite candy! What is your favourite?
 ^ Working on rendering leather in class this term
^One of my fave dresses from BCBG
^My best Olsen twin impression, wearing my mom's vintage sunnies circa 1970s
^Spent the day at the Blue Jay game with my brother and his gf on Sunday. A perfect day in my perfect city <3
 ^Couldn't be more pleased with my sandals from Marsha's Closet (or the wonderful customer service...thanks again for shipping to Canada guys!).

So come on now! Let's be instafriends so I can snoop your life too!


Dress Form Decor

I love the idea of using fashion or jewelry as decor, and what better way to display (and have the option to change it up) than with a dress form? They even look good unadorned...totally sculptural and reminiscent of a PG nude bust, no?
The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus via The Glamorai
Kat Tanita via Glitter Guide
The Things that Matter by Nate Berkus via The Glamourai
Mark and Sally Bailey via Apartment Therapy
via Rue Mag
A whole lot of gorgeous, in my opinion! Do any of you have one?


Flea Market Find: Staffordshire Dogs

A few weeks ago I hit up the Aberfoyle antique market with my best friend Laura.
This flea market is the shit y'all- the oldest and biggest in Canada and home to amazing finds such as the bar cart I got last summer that I am still working on styling....shhhhhh.
Ever since Lindsay posted about Staffordshire Dogs here, I've been what one might call obsessed.
So when I happened upon this beautiful pair for $25 freakin dollars at the flea, well let's just say I was happier than a camel on hump day.
 I'm still hunting for the perfect spot to put them, but for now they are enjoying creeping out my friends lounging on my side table....I also need a new side table.

Here is some more Staffordshire goodness so you, too, can become obsessed:
^Christine Dovey via Style at Home
^Naomi Stein via Design Manifest

^ via Lonny Mag
^via Little Green Notebook
^Anna Spiro via Gracefully Searching

I'm especially smitten with my girl Hannah's adorable salt and pepper shaker version:
^via Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget
Still on the hunt for my turquoise foo dogs though, the regret continues to haunt me. Can you believe I'm really more of a cat person?


Office Nook

 Happy Monday loves! Did you all have a fabulous weekend?

I've made some changes to my office nook lately. Part of it has to do with needing a spot for my gold perfume prints, and part of it has to do with the fact that I couldn't bear to be apart from my bamboo chairs any longer. I hauled one out of storage (aka Mom and Dad's basement) and it looks so perfect here. The gold prints (from I See Noise) will move soon, but they are looking pretty glam in their temporary home.
Maybe I will actually start blogging from my desk rather than my bed if it looks this good!


Thrifted Thursdays: Love on Sunday

Is it Thursday already? Time is flying my loves.
Today is a fun day because I'm over at Love on Sunday sharing my favourite thrifted find. You better believe that playing favourites with my treasures is no easy task...can you guess what I chose?

Amy is awesome. She is a fellow Toronto blogger (holla!) and design enthusiast. She is even in design school too! Pretty much twins, you know? Take a look at her fabulous city home:
Her styling is too good, right? That second image is so very Kelly Wearstler and has my heart. 
I'm now more convinced than ever that I need a nude... are you blushing?

So head on over and see if you're right about my fave thrifted item and to fall in love with Amy's blog! And don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway if you know anyone with a baby in their lives...


Fly Baby Nursery & DaVinci Glider Giveaway!

As discussed on Monday, I've partnered with Baby Cafe again as a design contributor and today I'm sharing a 'Fly Baby' design board featuring today's giveaway item, the DaVinci Sleigh Multiposition Lock Glider! Last time I created a room with Baby Cafe, it was all about the little girl, so this time, I went for a baby boy design with the theme of clouds, flight, and aviation!
Head on over to Baby Cafe (here) to find out the sources and tips on creating this look!
And be sure to enter the giveaway to win the gorgeous DaVinvi glider featured above, valued at over $150! Even if you don't need it personally, it would make a great gift for an expecting mama!
Just follow the steps on the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Good luck :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


DIY Large Abstract Canvas

 Well guys, I said I would, and I did!
Last week I discussed how my beloved gold perfume prints felt out of scale above my couch. I either needed to add a third one, or do something large and abstract. I decided to go large and abstract, and I had so much fun painting this huge canvas (2'x4'). I didn't do any planning, just kind of put brush to canvas and let myself go.
If you're planning on trying this yourself my tips are: 1. Don't overthink it. 2. Stand back every once in awhile to see where you need more. 3. Choose a color scheme that will compliment your space.
I am so happy with the final result!
What do you think? Love or hate?


I Heart New York

Now, more than ever, I feel New York city calling my name. No - literally. That's right, my little ol' blog's name went up in lights in the big city last week, thanks to my partnership with Baby Cafe and an amazing giveaway I am helping to host (click here for details and stay tuned for more on Wednesday).
More specifically, an ad featuring my blog logo is up on the famous Reuter's sign, a 7,400 square foot digital billboard. It's pretty crazy.
 You can see my logo in the lower right hand corner!
I am feeling so blessed!
Ahhh, New York - I know we haven't met yet, but I adore you.
via yestefindeque
Congrats to all my other ladies, Beth, Elizabeth, Elisa and Heather for being up there with me! Couldn't have picked a better bunch!


Art Deco Showers

I'm still riding that Great Gatsby high - the book, my sweater, and the movie are all perfection in my eyes. As is the idea of doing an art deco tile installation in the shower. Would you, could you?
via Robin Muto
via Coco Cozy
via bigdigreno
 I more certainly would, old sport. Just sayin.