Steal the Look: Animal Print Pillows

Animal print is so in right now, and some people really know how to use it.
My jaw literally dropped when I saw this image last week:
via Pawleys Island Posh
Gorgeous Right? But a leopard chair might not be for everyone (even though it should be...).
A great alternative would be to get a leopard print pillow, which is less of a commitment and definitely more affordable.
via Etsy
These bolster pillows have a similar toned print to the upholstered chair, which is more subtle than the traditional bold gold and black. It reads as a neutral. Why not reverse the image above and throw these on a coral chair! (Wait...what do you mean the hubby wouldn't approve of a coral chair either!?).

via Gary Riggs
I just adore this room by Gary Riggs. The combination of teal and purple and gold is rich and jewel-y. The most unexpected thing in this room for me is the zebra striped pillow, which adds a hit of darkness and bold pattern to a more traditional space.
via Etsy
This lumbar pillow has the same chunky stripe as the room above! Love that.

Are you a fan of animal print?


Coral Chevron, Coral Jeans

My new fabric arrived from Tonic Living and wouldn't you know it, it's the perfect compliment to my coral skinnies! I'm going to make the cutest throw pillows for my new place with this (once I learn how to sew that is). It also comes premade as a throw pillow, for those of us who can't make our own...I probably should have gone this route.
I feel like I'm going slightly insane with the amount of pillows (and combo of patterns) that I'm planning to cram into my tiny space but I mean come on! Did a little over pillowfication ever hurt anyone?
Everyone loves coral, everyone loves chevron, therefore this fabric is perfection, no?


Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Little Black Door

Happy Friday everyone! Elizabeth from little black door here and I'm psyched that Tiffany asked me to come over today to play Favorite Furniture Friday. I try not to play favorites in my house when it comes to my furniture, but I've failed at that attempt because I most certainly do have a favorite. That would be the settee in my living room.
This sucker is like one of my children. And as much work as I put into it, I feel like I gave birth to this couch. It started out as a sad little thing in the back corner of an antique store. It smelled, had stains from I don't even want to know where, and the cushions were as thin as Victoria Beckham. 
After weeks of work I sanded, painted, stripped, unstapled, reupholstered, stapled and piped that sucker into one hot little number.
I love her so that I sometimes sit on the other side of the room just so I can admire her. She's comfy, beautiful and I'm proud to report still dog hair-free. I hope you love her too!
Thanks Tiffany for letting me brag about my baby! xoxo

Can you believe Elizabeth tackled that reupholstery on her own? The before is barely recognizable as the after, now that takes vision. Simly stunning!!! Now check out her blog!



Wednesday's Sketchbook Guest Post!

Hey my loves! Here is a little sneak peek of this week's watercolor, which was commissioned by my sweet blogging friend Charmaine.
Are you intrigued? Be sure to head on over to My Best Friend Craig to see the rest, as well as the stunning real life room that this doodle was inspired by!
And if you are interested in commissioning your own custom watercolor, feel free to e-mail me at I would love to work with you!


Decor Shopping

This weekend was spent in Burlington visiting friends, IKEA, and a flea market. Here is what I found:
I scored this amethyst chunk from the Flamborough Antique Market for only $3! I've been eyeing these up on Design Darling for ages, so I was so excited to find this! They look so pretty in vignettes:
I'm getting snazzy with decor for my antique bar cart with this vintage crystal wine decanter. Snapped it up for $20 at the flea.
 At IKEA, I picked up the EIVOR throw I was coveting and this gorgeous tribal inspired lumbar pillow!
Sadly, they didn't have the pink and white striped BARBAR tray. Also the dream desk was beautiful but a bit too narrow for long nights doing homework, I think my legs would cramp up! I did buy my RIBBA picture frames though!

That's all I got but did you guys know the MALM dresser now comes mirrored? Super cool if you ask me.
What have YOU picked up decor shopping lately?


Spotted on Pinterest: The Blush Maxi Skirt

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
 Right now, I'm trying desperately to spend my money only on things I will need for my new place and new life as a design student in Toronto beginning in the fall. The idea of a blush maxi skirt, however, is tempting me...badly. Even Lauren Conrad's rocking it.
I've got my eye on this pretty and pleated one from Urban Outfitters. I'd definitely go with a different pair of shoes though...just sayin.


Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Peak of Tres Chic

Hi there!  My name is Sam and I blog over at The Peak of Très Chic.  I am so honored to be here today posting on Tiffany's lovely blog for Furniture Friday!  I adore furniture and decor, after all, that's the reason I chose to be in the interior design industry.  I would describe my style as a mesh between classic and modern glamour.  The piece of furniture I wanted to highlight today is my bedside table:
I adore this table because it has an old world feel and a pretty painted finish that is juxtaposed with mirrored drawers.  I found it at a local antique store, and when I spotted it I just knew I had to have it!  I am constantly rearranging the vignette displayed on it.  Recently, I took a favorite page from a coffee table book I have called The Allure of Women and framed it in a simple black frame.  Then, I placed the picture on top of Glamorous Rooms to give the vignette a feminine feel:
I love walking in to my room and seeing this piece.  I hope you like it, too!
Thanks for having me over, Tiffany.  XOXO, Sam

Isn't this piece of Sam's so gorgeous and unique? I don't think I've seen anything similar to it before! What a great find. Antiquing wins again :) Thank you so much for sharing Sam!
Also guys, you NEED to check out Sam's blog. It's one of my daily reads.


Ikea Love

This weekend, I'm heading to Burlington to visit my dear friend Laura. And, of course, a trip to Burlington just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Ikea. The only thing I need are some inexpensive frames for the artwork I've been gathering for my new lease space.
That doesn't mean that I'm not lusting after everything in the store a few great pieces!
1. BARBAR tray, in pink and white. $6.99. Cute and preppy.
2. BESTA BURS desk, in high gloss white. $299.00. I posted about my love for this here.
3. EIVOR throw, in black and white. $29.99. I'm pretty sure I'll come home with this...
4. DOCKSTA dining table, in white. $229.00. This is my favourite dining table for small spaces EVER. I probably won't need a dining table for a few years, but I really want to buy this so I have it when the time comes. I've posted about this before too...see pics of this piece in stunning interiors here.
5. Grafted Cactus, (hopefully a bright coral one!). $9.99. I need a little life in my room!
6. ANGENAM bowl, dark brown and gold. $19.99. This color combo is so glam.
7. TOBIAS Chair, transparent and chrome. $89.00. Ummm...lucite. Speaks for itself.
What is your fave IKEA piece?


Wednesday's Sketchbook: The Wishbone Chair

I saw this image on A Newfound Treasure a few weeks ago, and can't seem to get it out of my head! I love the painting, and don't even get me started on that pretty gold wishbone!
Get your own HERE.
 These wishbones got me thinking about another home decor item that I simply can't resist:
Hans J. Wegner's iconic wishbone chair (I gave a brief history in this post).
 So I doodled one up on a scrap of paper for y'all. 
It just struck me....I totally should have drawn this baby up in GOLD. How amazing would a gold leafed wishbone chair be?! Just tried googling it but didn't find one! I can imagine it though, and oh how good it is.
ps. As I write up this post I've been listening to songs from Les Mis. I'm a huge musical fan and am getting pretty pumped for the movie! Anyone else?


Reveal: Bohemian Treehouse

Last summer, I did a styling makeover on the treehouse in my backyard, and have been waiting until the heat of this summer to reveal it to all of my readers! This has been one of my favourite projects so far... turning a blank and unused kids space into an adult friendly backyard oasis.

Here is the Tree House Before:

And here is the Treehouse After:
I love how the space turned out! It is the perfect little reading retreat.What do you think!? xo


Live to the Max

I love the boho chic vibe of my new maxi dress. And the best part? It was only $16 at Walmart. Now that's what I calling maxxing out without maxxing out the credit cards! The bf's pup, Molson, decided he was a much better model than me and jumped in on the photoshoot. I have to agree, he looks pretty good.