Dream House Alphabet: G

G is for: GUT JOB
Okay, the word gut is kinda icky....and so are the 'before' pics I'm about to show you.

To quote the brilliant Sarah Richardson:
"Ever dream of buying a house, gutting it, and rebuilding so it's perfectly you?"
Why Yes Sarah...yes I do.
As an aspiring designer, I can't imagine buying a house that has already been updated and renovated by someone else, because well, let's face it... tearing out those new granite counter tops the previous owner installed seems like a waste, but what I really want is some Carrera marble...You know what I'm saying?
Instead, give me something that looks like this:
Elana's Kitchen Before via Style Sheet
 No guilt tearing that baby out, believe me.
So, where does that leave me exactly? Buying an old rundown piece of  crap work, that's where.

Elana Safronsky, a blogger at HGTV's Style Sheet, is taking her mess of a house and gutting it to transform it into a little dream! She takes it from gut it to love it!
Elana's Baby Room Makeover via Style Sheet
Elana's Foyer Markover via Style Sheet
 Now there's a girl that gets me! Thank goodness for those 'Afters' or this would be one ugly post!
Basically, I just want a home that's perfectly me, and I think I need a fixer-upper to get it.
Do you guys think I'm nuts, or do you understand? This is MY dream house we are talking about after all.


Carlene said...[Reply]

I am so excited I found this blog! I love everything having to do with interior design... and I'm loving your posts so far! Jus thought I'd let you know! ;)

Xoxo, Carlene

Anonymous said...[Reply]

My grandmother used to buy homes just to gut them and sell them! She's crazy but now I get it!! You can do such beautiful work with ugly beginnings :)

mackenziepage said...[Reply]

I could not agree more.....My boyfriend and I are always looking at already redone houses and I hate that they're not a completely blank canvas. Give me a gut job anyday!!

Cute blog!



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

That is my dream too! One day...fingers crossed.