Wednesday's Doodle: Tufted Pink Chair

As I mentioned last week, I got myself a set of watercolour paints and have been experimenting with them! For you today, I've painted up this darling pink tufted chair. The variation in tones is much more distinct in person, but it wouldn't show up for me on the computer. Probably because I photographed this with artificial light...bad blogger. Either way, I like the result and am loving the watercolours! I'm used to painting with oils, and these really are so much easier to work with (they dry so quick!) and to clean!

I don't usually say this but...I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Does this week feel extra long to anyone else?


Albertina said...[Reply]

this is so cute!!! It would be cute to have a little collection of different watercolors of different furniture pieces

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I'm super jealous of your skills... but you already knew this.

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

So cute! I wish my doodles would look like that!