Favourite Furniture Fridays: Barcelona Day Bed

When Charmaine from My Best Friend Craig commented on last week's F.F.F saying she dreams of owning a Barcelona Day Bed, I knew that I had to feature this stunning piece. I too am a lover of the sleek design of the Barcelona series, and the day bed is so chic!
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, this piece was created with a modern sensibility and has withstood the test of time. It still looks contemporary over 80 years later!
^Jen Ramos of Made By Girl has one, and we all know she has fabulous taste. Here's another shot of it in her former Las Vegas home:
Carlos Souza's apartment in Rome, via Elle Decor
Ralph Lauren's beach house in Long Island, via Elle Decor

-individual leather squares
-leather straps
-African ramim hardwood
-polished stainless steel legs

Do you prefer the white, the black or the caramel leather? I just can't decide. I'll take one of each please!
xox Tiffany Leigh


Look what I found!

On a recent outing to Homesense, one of my fave stores, I came across something that instantly made me think of this beautiful bedroom:
Okay.. are you ready? Check it out:
 (Please excuse the image quality, all I had was my phone camera!)
This art piece has a very similar vibe to the one in the inspirational image. The white horse, mane blowing in the wind, an all white background. I think the price of $220 is fairly reasonable! What do you think of this find? Are you a fan of equestrian art? Personally, I love it!
xox Tiffany Leigh


Vignette Styling 101

If you follow the above five steps on top of a lovely coffee table, small console table, bar cart, or bookshelf, you'll be well on your way to having a pin worthy vignette! See:
What is your favourite styling tip!?
xox Tiffany Leigh


No Pop of Colour: Neutral Rooms

Usually, I am all about a bright pop of colour as an accent in any room. Lately, however, I have been noticing a lot of stunning rooms that lack that pop and make their statements all in a neutral scheme. 
^From Micheal Buble's Home!
I find many people in my life are afraid of incorporating bold colour into their space, and these inspirational images have taught me that neutral does not have to be boring. 
The key is to mix patterns, tones, styles and textures to create interest!
My favourites are the first and the last one. That glass garden stool is a-maze-ing. I'm drooling. 
What do you think of neutral decor?
xox, Tiffany Leigh


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Swan Chair

What do you think of it? I'm completely smitten. Unfortunately, it's almost $4,000. A girl can dream though!
Read and see more HERE
xox Tiffany Leigh



Dream House Alphabet: C

C is for Clawfoot Tub
Alright, so I know that clawfoot tubs aren't the most practical of all bathtubs. I mean, where do you put the shampoo?! But...come on, they are just too gorgeous to resist. My *dream* house  will definitely have a clawfoot tub. Not to wash the kiddies in, just for me to relax in after a long day.
Here are some beautiful inspirational images:
 Which is your fave? Mine is the last one. What would your 'C' be?
 xox Tiffany Leigh


Simple Sweet and Salty Spring Salad

And I promise that the title is harder to say than it is to whip up this yummy, healthy, spring inspired salad (although I eat it year round). Happy First Day of Spring!!!!
 How you make it:
(sometimes I leave out the pear and just do apple)
The finished product:
 Bon Appetit!
xox Tiffany Leigh


Living Room Redesign...Almost There

For the past few months, I have been helping my parents redesign their formal living room. My parent's have very traditional tastes, so I kept that in mind when helping them to make selections. My favourite part of the room is the new floors and cushions!

But first! A peek at what the room used to look like. I had to dig back in the family archives for Christmas photos from 3 years ago! Here it is:
 And now the after... (We are still looking for the perfect coffee table and some accessories)

 My parents installed the new hardwood floors all by themselves! They turned out absolutely gorgeous!
The bird's eye view! (We have a loft that overlooks the living room).
My mom sewed the accent cushions. I love the finished product!
It's got a bit of a ways to go, but I'm thrilled with it! Wish I was a better photographer.
What do you think?
xox Tiffany Leigh


If this dress were a couch {# 2}...

If this dress were a couch...
It would be a barely there creamy satin settee with a deep scoop back and some fabulous glittering gold pillows.

Now the only question is, how does one move in such a short little number? xox Tiffany Leigh
ps. Check out part one of this series HERE


Dream House Alphabet: B

B is for Basement

A beautiful finished basement is a must when I buy my dream home. For me, the basement has always been the entertainment space, and it’s all about casual fun. Here, you can load up the on games (think poker and pool tables), and kick back and relax. At my house growing up, the basement was the kid zone. The best part of the basement is that because it’s separated from the rest of the home, you can simply shut the door and entertain you guests on the main floor when the kids make a mess.

On an episode of “Sarah 101” designer Sarah Richardson does a particularly good job of creating a beautiful multifunctional basement.
Here you can be a bit more adventurous with colour, as long as you remember that natural light in the basement is often a minimum. Sarah uses a neutral pallet with pops of daring but tastefully chosen reds. The curtained off nook seen in the picture above separates the childrens’ play area from the adult entertainment space. Such a neat idea since the curtains can be pulled across to hide the mess or be used for putting on plays!
A close up on the kids area. Sarah uses kitchen cabinetry throughout the basement for storage, since it can be easily customized to accommodate low and awkward ceiling heights (caused by bulkheads). Ps. How cute is that turtle stool?!
 Perhaps my favourite idea is using full length drapes on those tiny little windows that are the trademark of any basement. It helps make the space seem more main floor, gives the illusion of larger windows, and is another opportunity to add texture, pattern, colour, and personality!

What would your 'B' be?!
Tiffany Leigh


Floor Plan E-Design: Girly Glamour

This is a floor plan that I designed as part of my application to the design school that I have been accepted to! It's the school of my dreams and this was my favourite component of the application process. I hope you enjoy!
xo Tiffany Leigh


Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope it's going lovely. I'm busy completing some Art History assignments, but got a little distracted by the release of the new issue of Lonny Magazine. Check it out NOW.
My favourite image was this gorgeous office of designer Amanda Nisbet (page 74). The lucite desk, the bright colours, the sparkle and the organization! Everything. Gimme it please!
xox Tiffany Leigh


Favourite Furniture Fridays: IKEA ALEX drawer unit with casters

{I'm beginning to think I should retitle this series 'Ikea' Furniture Fridays, I love so many of their items! But I like the title stays!}
Today the piece I'm featuring is the ALEX drawer unit with casters. Chances are you've seen this piece (and maybe didn't even realize it)!
^ This is actually my dream studio office space. The IKEA unit successfully seperates the desk into two distinct work stations:
One for designing, the other for sewing.

^ Here the castors have been removed and the units have been built into this giant island-style desk!
^Line them up!
^ Stack them up!
^ The IKEA catalogue does it right!

Do any of you have this piece? How do you like it?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Roses are Red, but VELVET is Blue

Don't tell my boyfriend, but I have a MAJOR CRUSH on blue velvet. Actually maybe do tell him, that way on special occasions I'll get velvet instead of flowers...wouldn't that be lovely? I spend my time day dreaming about this rich, warm and luxurious fabric! Drooling.
via Emily Henderson
^ Bright blue chair steals the show.
^ A cozy blue tufted headboard.
via The Decorista
Um...Excuse me, were you just checking out my crush? Well that's okay, I don't blame you ;)
Which is your fave?
xox Tiffany Leigh