An Artist You Should Know - Laura Dro

I can't believe it took me so long to share it, but awhile back I won a beautiful print from artist Laura Dro, which I now have hanging beside my bed. I love the navy blue with the pinks and it looks perfect in my space!
Today (November 30) until December 2nd there is a great mixed artisan sale going on at Joss & Main and Laura is one of the artists being featured! I'd love it if you would check it out and show her some support! Here are a few of her amazing abstract canvases that are up for grabs:

Each piece is printed on a 16x20 gallery stretched canvas.
Wouldn't they make the perfect gift? I love how bright they are.

Quantities are limited, but you can always purchase some of her work directly from her site by clicking below!:
 Happy weekend loves!

Favourite Furniture Fridays: Sailing the Sea of Style

Hi! Sloane from Sailing the Sea of Style here. I am so excited to be here on Tiffany’s blog. Her blog is my go-to interior design blog and her DIY’s are amazing!  Today, I will be sharing my favorite piece of furniture in my room.

My favorite piece is a Moroccan Pouf that I found on One KingsLane. The pale pink and gold detailing adds a fun and chic touch to my room.
I love to stack magazines, books, and little things on it. It’s also is great for extra seating, in case you are in need. Currently it sits next to a chaise lounge, but I like to move it around. Sometimes, in front of my bed, sometimes by my desk…
 Poufs come in so many different colors, and are very fun to have! Oh and by the way, they are extremely fun to sit on :)  Thank you for having me Tiffany!
You all know my love for Moroccan poufs! Such a nice touch to any room. Thanks for sharing Sloane!


Feeling Blessed in the City

Yesterday, I ventured downtown via subway to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario with two of my classmates. We have an architectural analysis project in which we are required to visit a building in the city, experience it, sketch it, and photograph it. We chose the AGO for its stunning addition by Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry.
The Galleria Italia was most impressive:
If you guys are ever in the Toronto area, I highly recommend it! It's so exciting to have such a vibrant and creative community at my doorstep.
How lucky am I that one member of my group is an amazingly talented professional photographer?

Also, how lucky am I that the same classmate made the amazing gesture of an early Christmas present?:
Such a nice, sweet surprise. I am so grateful to have a friend like him in the big city where I'm away from my family and it's easy to occasionally feel alienated.

Lastly, how lucky am I that I found a permanent part time job here already?!
The past few weeks I've just been doing some 'temp' positions.
 But now, I will be working at a 'big box' store as a flooring and decor sales associate.
Supporting myself throughout my education has always been a commitment of mine. I made it through one degree debt free with my own hard work. Here's hoping I can do it again!

The answer to my questions, SUPER lucky. I am so happy that God is blessing my life in so many little ways recently.
How have you been blessed lately?


My New Thrifted Chair (love)

I was at home this weekend and dragged my bf around to all of the local thrift shops to see what I could hoard purchase. And my friends, I was in luck.
I happened across this beauty of a chair hidden under a pile of misfit toys.
I scooped it up for $25 dollars, no tax, and here she sits in my 'at home' bedroom:

Excuse the poor quality photos above.
Am I crazy to love the upholstery? Because I do love it! I'm crazy about it..... The birds and the modern floral and the moody hues.
And it's in pretty much perfect condition.
I'm curious though, What do you think of the fabric?
(be honest now)


Photomontage and Lulu & Georgia

In my color theory class, we were asked to put together a little photomontage of a room to help us learn some photoshop skills. It was so fun! Here is the room I did before:
 And after:

My color scheme for the room was inspired by this Wink of Pink painting
And this one by Cocoa&Hearts:

One of my fave pieces of furniture that I put in the room was this adorable little tangerine ottoman from Lulu & Georgia.
I think it really helped tie the orange and blue (complimentary) scheme together.
Have you guys checked out Lulu & Georgia yet? Today is the day you should, because they are offering 26% off every order with the code 'L&GHOLIDAY'.
Happy Cyber Monday my friends xo


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Five Kinds of Happy

Hello Tiffany Leigh fans!
I'm Amy from Five Kinds of Happy and I'm here today sharing my favourite piece of furniture. I had to debate whether a mirror counts as a piece of furniture, but Tiffany assures me that for this series, it does ;) 

When we first moved into this house early this year I bought the mirror (second-hand) to go over the mantel, but what do you know, the thing was so heavy it ended up here on the hearth instead, and here it stayed...

It really grounds the whole room and adds so much interest to the fireplace, which is the focal point of the living room and can be seen from the front door. Plus it visually extends the room and tricks your eye into thinking there is more floorspace than there actually is.

It's a sweet spot for some mood lighting and, bonus: it hides the empty old fireplace with all it's not-so-pretty sootiness.

Mirrors are such an important part of decor, in my opinion, because they can do so much with the light and spacial aspects of any room. The only reason I don't have one on every wall is because I secretly fear people thinking I'm too vain. ;)

Anyone else got a thing for mirrors?

Thank you so much for having me here Tiffany! I love this blog series - it's so interesting getting a peek into other people's creative homes. 

 Although 'technically' more of an accessory, Amy's mirror is too pretty not to share, so when she asked if it passed, of course I said yes! I just love the way it spruces up the fire place. Check out the before pics here. Thanks for sharing Amy!
ps. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American followers! I hope your weekend is full of great time and gratefulness.


Bathroom Project

This week in Space Planning, we had a bathroom layout assigned to us.
The dimensions of the base plan given to us were huge! 20' x 14'.
I decided to use part of the space to include a fabulous dressing room/walk in closet for the client. Here are the plans *almost* near completion.

Even though it's not a requirement of the assignment, I like to throw together a quick moodboard before I start the floor plan so I know the vibe of the space and the furniture I wish to use:



I Love Landscapes

via Matchbook Mag

via little green notebook

via little green notebook
I love  good landscape oil painting. It adds such a traditional element that seems to blend seamlessly with most styles of decor. I'm on the hunt at local thrift shops and flea markets for the perfect one!
Do you have a landscape hanging on your wall?


DIY Leopard Acrylic Tray

After last week's one dollar dino post, I had a couple of e-mails asking about my leopard lucite tray.
It's actually a fantastically simple DIY inspired by the lovely Eileen of A Creative Day.
 Eileen's tray was inspired by the 'les touches' fabric and was created very simply with a gold leaf pen.
via A Creative Day
I was in love, and knew I had a small lucite tray that needed some leopard loving of it's own (I purchased it at Home Sense for around $5). AND it just so happened that I had the same gold leaf pen, so how could I not?
I went with a more traditional leopard design.

Now it's a perfection place for jewelry:


Every day beautify products:

Or even office supplies:

I just love it!
Hope you had a great weekend dolls xo