IKEA Flatwoven Rug

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of this ALVINE rug by IKEA right now....
via IKEA
For a handwoven rug, 100% wool, reversible, $299 is about as good as it gets (unless you live in the US in which case it's only $249!).
And of course, I'm loving the pink... I know, you're shocked.
Decor wise, my room could definitely use a rug (and curtains but that's a whole other blog post), but I probably won't bite the bullet. I will only be here for another year or two before I hopefully get a bigger apartment with my OWN kitchen. That's the dream people, and when I will really start investing in pieces. But this sure would look good in my lil studio as is!
via IKEA
I haven't seen it in person yet...have any of you!? I'm curious how it looks. The first image I posted looks gorge, but the second one looks a little muddied.


Pink Curtains in the Washroom

I'm all about bold curtains in the washroom, whether in the form of a shower curtain or window treatments. Washrooms are comprised of mostly hard, cold, shiny and monochromatic surfaces. Textiles are a great way to soften up the space and inject warmth, pattern and color. And hey, if that color happens to be pink, I'm certainly not complaining!
via Design Maze
^Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe hit the window treatments out of the park with this graphic, chinoserie inspired fabric from Quadrille.
via Design Maze
 Unfortunately the clients weren't crazy about pink.... I'd gladly take these off their hands!
via Design Manifest
^ Naomi of Design Manifest amped up the personality of this little girl's bathroom with dual custom shower curtains with Mint Fleur Chinoise by Caitlin Wilson Textiles.
via Caitlin Wilson Textiles
Do you like the idea of curtains in the bathroom, or does the idea of drapery in a humid environment make you uneasy? What about pink curtains? I wish I could do something like this in my current bachelorette pad...I just know the boy will veto it the second we live together, much like my dream of a pink sofa....


My First Fully Rendered Perspective

Hi Loves. This term, there hasn't been too much school work to share on the ol blog because most of it has been detailing and/or technical work, which doesn't make for the most exciting post.
But last night, I finished my first fully rendered perspective drawing!
I'm actually really proud of the way it turned out:

Basically for this assignment, I had to take these 2-D plan and elevation views:
and turn them into an accurately spaces and proportioned 2-pt. perspective drawing (a bit of complicated process!), and then render it using the different techniques we've been learning, such as natural lighting, artificial lighting, wood grain, shadows and tile!

Hope you enjoy this little peek into my Interior Design School life!


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Just a Girl and her Little Dog

Thank you so much for giving us a peek at your fab new home Kristen! I adore this chesterfield, the tufting is perfection. Cannot get over how cute little Lola looks in this last picture!
Be sure to stop by Kristen's blog to meet her and Lola, and the newest addition to the fam, a little bird named Love.


Ceramic Birdies.

Recently, the hilarious Lindsay of Sadie + Stella did a post on her love of Staffordshire Dogs, you know, those chic little ceramic pooch figurines that have been popping up in interior design?

While I love the ceramic dogs, I have a different figurine on my lust list:
A ceramic Parrot/Bird figurine!
Honestly they are too good:
via Style at Home
via Style at Home
via Style at Home
via Style at Home Magazine, March 2013
 The first three images are from Christine Dovey's home, which I continue to drool over on a daily basis. The final image from the apartment of Megan Close!
True story, when I was young I had a pet budgie bird named Mikey.
There is a picture of us together where he seems to be attempting to nibble my eye out. Heartwarming's at my parents house but I'll share it soon.

What ceramic pet would YOU choose?



School is really picking up this week. It's exciting (a bit stressful), and all of the drafting is really making me crave a big enormous desk to spread out on. Specifically this desk:

From the lovely office of Jenna Lyons and available at BluDot here. Happy Monday!


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Kae's Corner Design

Thank you so much for Sharing McKae! I think benches are one of the most useful pieces of furniture out there! Love the fabric on this one!  Be sure to stop by McKae's blog for more decor goodies!


Happy Valentine's Day

Hugs and Kisses to all of my wonderful blogging friends out there. Metaphorical kisses of course, it's flu season you crazy love birds.
Today's  Valentine's Day inspired house is an oldie but a goodie, and I couldn't resist sharing it in case some of you hadn't seen it before!
all images via Style at Home
 I mean, it's definitely over the top, but I'm a little bit (a lot) in love with that dining room.
Maybe it will be my Valentine since the boy is miles away? Who am I kidding...the room is even further! Also, don't worry..this is a show house, so no one actually lives in it year round.
Wishing you all a day of happiness, love and smooches (real ones).

^In case you missed my Valentine's Day outfit, click here!


Vintage Pink Glass Coasters

Just a quick post today as I run out the door to class! On a recent trip to my home town I picked up these vintage pink glass coasters at an antique shop for a dollar a piece.

 They are imperfect and the narrowed bottom makes balancing a glass of wine in them a little risky, but I like to live on the edge. I've used them twice while entertaining already and so they remind me of good times with the best girls. Wouldn't they be perfect for a Valentine's Day tablescape? Their subtle blushy hue is so feminine and delicate.


My Adorable Winnings

The other week, I was so fortunate to win an adorable giveaway over at L.A. in the Bay, sponsored by Ashley Brooke Designs!
I've been a fan of ABD's cute drawings, stationary and blog for a long time, so imagine my excitement when I found an e-mail in my inbox announcing me as the winner!

The packaging they sent over was too cute:
 I've already been enjoying my mug! And I can't wait to use the adorable cards this Valentine's Day!
I can't thank Lauren and the ABD team enough! Love it!


Valentine's Day Outfit

 sweater / coat (Dynamite - old) / jeans (similar) / booties / necklace (F21 - old)

Valentine's Day is only a few days away! This is my idea of the perfect Valentine's Day outfit...does it get any better than hearts and sparkles and a hot pink peacoat? To see my idea for a perfect Valentine's Day date, check out my feature over on Glamourmash today! xox