Inspirational Office

Lot's of homework to get through in the next few days, so I'd post a pretty office space to get me motivated. Now if I had a workspace like this I might actually be excited to do my assignments! I love the bright floral rug and the cool art deco archway. Enjoy! xox Tiffany Leigh

via Apartment Therapy (Thank you to Jessica from The Aestate for helping me locate the source)


I Love This Room

The weekend is coming to a close, so to cheer us all up I thought I'd post one of my favourite rooms. You may have already seen it, (it was the June 2011 cover of Canada's Style at Home magazine), but I still can't get enough! It's the living room of the magazine's contributing design editor Christine Hanlon. I love the space for its sunny, bright and refreshing vibe. Also, the colour pallet is amazing (I want a yellow and grey wedding scheme - one day).

Doesn't that bamboo table just steal the whole show? It's jaw droppingly gorgeous and accentuates the brass on the lighting fixtures. Also, the geometric pattern on the couches is just like my blog's background! How apropro.

Here are a few similar items to achieve this look in your own space:

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed this fresh room as much as I do!
Tiffany Leigh


Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Louis Chair

Lately I've been featuring alot of mid-century modern furniture, such as the Eames Lounge, the Tulip Table and Danish Teak Credenzas. Today, I'm switching focus to the classic and traditional Louis Chair. Literally named for Louis XV and Louis XVI, 18th Century French Kings, this chair definitely gives off a regal vibe. There are many different styles of the chair, attributable to differing King Louis. The most notable differences is the shape of the back. My personal favourite is the medallion (aka round) back. Absolutely stunning, but simple and understated enough to blend seamlessly with most decor styles.
via Layla Grace
via Samantha Pynn
^ Designer Samantha Pynn cleverly adds extra seating to this living room with a pair of Louis chairs in front of the glass doors. They are delicate enough to feel like they aren't a major view blocker, and light enough to move for easy access to the outdoor space.

 If these looks are a little bit too traditional for your taste, you can have the chair reupholstered in a trendy and contemporary fabric, like this zebra example:
via decorpad
 OR for an even more modern look, you could consider the Louis ghost chair.

The Louis ghost armchair was designed in 2002 by Philippe Starck for Kartell, and perfectly combines historic style and modern aesthetics. Plus, they're stackable, and now available in a variety of tints. Genious!

via decorpad

So which one do you prefer? The traditional? The modern? Neither? Or BOTH (like me)!?
Oh and a fair warning! If you get a ghost chair, it really does look like it vanishes sometimes. Kind of haunting, but in a good way.

Tiffany Leigh

My 'Go-To' Cosmetics

-MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle, $33.50 CAD
-MAC Select Cover-Up, $21 CAD

-L'oreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black, approx $11 CAD at drugstores
-L'oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black, approx $8 CAD at drugstores

-C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, 5.50 CAD at Bath and Body Works
-MAC Lipstick in Myth, $17.50 CAD

-Sigma Essential Brush Kit, $89

 Quick Notes:
-If any of you are scared of liquid eyeliner, this L'oreal version makes it sooo easy, I promise
-I can't recommend this Sigma Brush Kit more! Some of the brushes are exact dupes for MAC, but if you were to buy the MAC ones, it would run you over 300 dollars! This is a great kit for anybody, but especially beginners! :)

-For some quality and affordable eye shadow pallets, check out Coastal Scents. I have the Original 88 pallet and the Metal Mania pallet and I love them both :)
-I wasn't paid or endorsed to show these products, just love this type of post and I really believe in all these products! Hope you enjoy :)

What is YOUR ultimate go-to product?! Have you tried any of mine?
Tiffany Leigh


Trend I'm Loving: Faux Fur

Fur is in. It's a hot trend in both fashion and home decor. Faux fur is in for those of us either on a budget, or for those of us who were moved by 101 Dalmations. Faux furs come in many different styles, colours, and faux 'animal' types, so there's one out there to suit everyone's style. Adding a fur vest or jacket can pump up the luxe level of an outfit. Adding a fur rug, throw, or pillow can add an unexpected and trendy flare to any room. It's an especially great accessory in the cold winter months.
Mary Kate and Ashley are often seen rocking this trend. I am personally a big fan of the eclectic, funky and non-rule abiding style of these twins. While they usually wear the real deal, it's possible to acieve the same look with faux!


^^Place a big faux fur throw onto an arm chair to add extra warmth and richness

^^ Faux fur is neutral enough that it can be used to add texture to a room without overpowering the existing colour scheme.

A very popular trend right now is adding small faur fur throws to provide comfort to dining room chairs. I would only employ this decor idea if there were no kids at the table. Regardless, I love how the fur contrasts with and softens up the wire, plastic, and lucite chairs in the following three examples:

1. IKEA RENS Sheepskin, White. $39.99 CAD (sadly, however, I don't think this is faux)
(UPDATE: Thank you to my followers who notified me about the faux version of this sheepskin, also at IKEA but for only 10 dollars! I just picked one up and it's perfect)
2. Faux Raccoon Long Vest. $198
3. Pottery Barn Ribbed Faux-Fur Throw. $101.53 CAD
4. Forever 21 Crop Faux Fur Jacket. $49.80 CAD
5. Plantation Design Faux Fur Pillow. $65-75

Is this a trend you would indulge in? I want to cozy up in all of it.
xox Tiffany Leigh


A BIG Thank You

You guys might notice that this morning, my blog looks COMPLETELY different.
This new design is definitely simpler, cleaner, and much more me.
I owe a huge thank you to an amazing creative talent and personal friend, Lynne, for working with me to design a header and my 'about me' page. She really helped put my vision into reality.
Here's some photos of the two of us back in highschool:
^^ We were both in a large scale musical production of 42nd Street in our hometown. She's an awesome dancer.

^^ Lynne and I graduating from high school together. I was wearing heels which is why I look so much taller.

Thank you for helping me out with my blog Lynne! And for always being there when I need ya.
Tiffany Leigh
ps. Do you guys like the new look?


DIY Print Art

If you're looking for an inexpensive art solution, then this is perfect for you! I made the above prints simply using some wallpaper and frames.

It's as easy as three simple steps:

Visit your local wallpaper store and ask for some samples of high end, beautiful wall paper that you think might work in your space.This will be your print...and the best part is that it is absolutely free!
I loved the demask print in the bottom left, but decided to go with the branch pattern in black and white, as well as white and purple. Plum is the accent colour in my bathroom (which is the room I was planning to hang these in), so I liked the idea of using the same print in two different colours, and my shower curtain has similar branches on it.

Buy some nice frames, make sure it has a nice matte to give the print a polished look. I went to my local Walmart and picked up these silver frames for around 20 dollars each. I liked them because they had a white matte and a smaller silver matte in the middle. Frame the wallpaper (you can use the matte to crop the image exactly where you'd like it). You can crop three different areas of the same wall paper to make each frame different, but unified and cohesive.

Hang your art! Hang your frames in whatever way you want! I chose to hang all 3 in a level row, in the pattern of black branch, purple branch, black branch. Do whatever suits your room and your style.

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY! Let me know if you give it a try. xox
Tiffany Leigh


New Boots!

Hey guys! It's a busy weekend around here but I wanted to show you a quick peek at my newest purchase. I've wanted camel colored leather boots for a long time now, and finally found this pair at Spring for a great price! They were originally 90$ and I got them for 54$ total, including tax! Very happy. The heel is just the right height for running around campus.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! xox
Tiffany Leigh


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Vintage Teak Credenzas

I'm absolutely obsessed with mid-century modern Danish teak furniture, especially the credenza. I really haven't found a more perfect place to host a TV in currently constructed furniture. Mid-century modern furniture began following WWII, and continued through the 60s.

Although retro and vintage in look, the pieces' clean lines and simplicity allow it to compliment more modern spaces quite well. Mark my words, I WILL have one of these beauties in my future living room.

via Emily Henderson
^^ Emily Henderson is one designer who clearly gets my love of teak. You can see it all over this room: the coffee table, the chair, and of course, that credenza! She keeps the space looking up to date by painting the shell of the credenza white, adding a modern chair to the right, a metallic poof, and a bright and contemporary rug.

via desire to inspire
Teak credenzas work well to hold more than a TV. Use them to display a unique collection (as shown above), or to anchor the bottom of a gallery wall!

via Apartment Therapy
I think that the teak credenza would also be the perfect addition to any dining room! Use it as a sideboard to hold all your china, and dress the top like a bar: think pretty metal serving trays, sparkling champagne bottles, glass wine decanters, martini glasses and a fabulous lamp!

Below I've created two mood boards using the same teak credenza two different ways:

Modern Living Room
Glam Bar Area

Scour your local flee markets, thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales to snag one of these beautiful pieces for your own home!
Love always,
Tiffany Leigh


All About Audrey

Who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn? I know there have been a ton of blog posts about Audrey and her iconic style, but that's the one great thing about Audrey: you can never get enough! (kind of like Sugar Crisp, only WAY better). She is amazing for her classic sense of style, beauty and grace, and for her admirable philanthropic achievements. They just don't make them like this in Hollywood anymore folks!

Audrey is also a humble homebody, reportedly saying "I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel".
What better way to celebrate this quote than to explore some simple ways to incorporate a little Audrey into our own spaces to refuel:

1) Audrey Hepburn artwork:
I have three pieces of art work/prints of Audrey Hepburn hanging in my bedroom. Audrey prints can be found all over the place, including poster stores and IKEA.

^^Here is my desk area with pops of hot pink in these Audrey Hepburn canvases given to me by my brother for Christmas a few years ago.

^^ There she is again beside my closet and above my make-up storage area. This is a seriously glamorous shot of my style idol that my mom picked up for me from a street vendor in New York City. It inspires me when I'm picking out my outfits and getting pretty. Here's a pic of me channeling my inner Audrey:

Okay okay, you caught me! This was for Halloween back in my first year of university! (You can notice that behind me I had a gigantic Breakfast at Tiffany's poster decorating the cinder block walls of my dorm room).
While we're on the topic I might as well show you my pumpkin from this past Halloween as well:

Alright you get the idea...I'm a big fan. Now back to decor!

2) As the star of the film, Audrey Hepburn has become synonymous with  Breakfast at Tiffany's. As a decor idea, why not try to incorporate some Tiffany Blue either through paint or fabric!

via House Beautiful

3) And my third design tip (and probably the most unrealistic) is a clawfoot bathtub turned into a couch! Ha! Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's has one in her apartment, so why shouldn't we? I guess I would also settle for a clawfoot bathtub, you know, the kind you take an actual bath in.


via THIS Etsy seller

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles" 
- Audrey Hepburn
Get the wall decal here!
Don't you just love her?!
Tiffany Leigh