Birthday Bedside Table

Hello my loves! I've really missed blogging the past couple of weeks. I'm sorry for my unexplained was finals at school (officially done term 7!) and I was wrapped up in projects. Forgive me?
While I was taking my blogging break, I also celebrated a Birthday and turned 24! Woohoo! Today I'm sharing a couple of my gifts from my boyfriend, M.

For a long time, my bedside table was the one area in my apartment that I was not happy with. It was functional, but it was from my childhood bedroom set and I didn't feel like it really had any personality (see it here). I tried and tried again to style it in a way that would satisfy me (as I've pretty much run out of a decor budget), but I guess I still complained because M. took note and bought me a new one as a birthday gift! I have to say, buying someone a piece of furniture without their pre-approval is a pretty risky move, but then again M. has never been one to hold back! And guess what? He did so good!! What can I say? The man has good taste.
 I love that this section of my space has such a calming, almost cottagey feel to it. It really is my retreat after a long day in the busy city! The rustic, distressed side table that M. chose is from Home Sense and is such a great addition. He also got me the IKEA Ranarp plug in sconce which I have been wanting for months! It's perfect paired with this side table since it is narrower and a table lamp would take up a lot of space. The sconce frees up room for essentials like books, a clock, and pretty accessories.
sconce / 'Leopard is a Neutral' print / clock / matches / Great Gatsby copy / astrological hand

The lamp swivels, and the head rotates, making it ideal for reading in bed. M. also gifted me a copy of "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, so he really created the ultimate reading retreat for my room. Last year, before we were dating, he surprised me with a copy of "Anna Karenina" by Tolstoy for my birthday, so it has become a bit of a tradition.

I'm glad to be back! Hope you all have a fabulous week


Garment Rack Room Decor

via Space46 Boutique
Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on my walk in closet! And for those of you who don't have a big closet, don't worry, I've been thinking about you. Displaying clothes on a rack in a room is a great option if you've got a lot of pretty clothes and not a lot of hanging space. Reserve your less eye catching garments for the dresser and cramped closet, and let your statement pieces shine on display. The fashion becomes decor!
Stephanie Sterjovski via the Every Girl
via With Love From Kat
Jenna Lyon's Home via Domino Magazine
via transitoinicial

This is also a great tip for children's rooms to hang costumes!
via Bijou and Boheme
What is your closet space situation? A little or a lot?


Paris Collection by Anna With Love Photography

Every once in awhile, the blogging community presents you with an opportunity to get to know someone truly special. Anna (from Anna with Love Photography) is one of those people who I have been lucky enough to connect with. She has such a kind heart and so much talent.
Recently, Anna launched her Paris Collection, a set of fine art photography prints from her travels in Paris, France. I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous each and every photo is.
I picked out three for myself. You saw Oui Madame in my walk in closet, and I just finished framing and hanging my other two.

I wanted to frame them in a way that would feel really special. I was inspired by the blue hue of the Parisian rooftops and decided to pair it with gold. There is something quintessentially French about blue and gold together, as evidenced by this door photograph, part of the Paris Collection! I spraypainted the frames gold and hand painted the mattes blue. I got a quote to get this same look via custom framing and it was $300, DIYing it cost about $50 (not including prints). I am so pleased with the results!
I have switched up the art above my desk so many times, but now it finally feels right.
My office area is complete and I feel so happy every time I look at these photos. They will tide me over until I can actually make it to Paris myself one day!

I chose But First, Paris and Forever Frenched.
Check out the entire collection HERE.


$4 Cantilever Chair

This weekend I bought a $4 cantilever chair from Good Will. At that price, I just could not leave it behind. I'm visiting my parents in Waterloo for a few days, and when I pulled it out of the car I told my dad that "it just needs a little TLC". My dad's response?: "It needs a little more than that". I mean sure one of the button tufts has popped and the upholstery is dirty and gross, but Pops! Just see the potential. Just use a little imagination and it can go from this:

to this:
via Mimosa Lane
 or this:
My Best Friend Craig via Love on Sunday
Original source unknown but too good not to include. Any ideas?
I also think it would look pretty good done in leopard, something like this (although in the end I will probably choose a solid colour):
via Little Green Notebook
My old room at my parent's place is slowly become a chair storage facility until I have more room!
How would you upholster this piece?