Garment Rack Room Decor

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Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on my walk in closet! And for those of you who don't have a big closet, don't worry, I've been thinking about you. Displaying clothes on a rack in a room is a great option if you've got a lot of pretty clothes and not a lot of hanging space. Reserve your less eye catching garments for the dresser and cramped closet, and let your statement pieces shine on display. The fashion becomes decor!
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Jenna Lyon's Home via Domino Magazine
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This is also a great tip for children's rooms to hang costumes!
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What is your closet space situation? A little or a lot?


Kristen said...[Reply]

I have being dying to incorporate a garment rank into my room for so long now, and I have a walk in closet! I just love the look of it.

Katherine L said...[Reply]

Love it! I have a ridiculously tiny closet. The best I've been able to do is replace the old wooden bar with two metal ones (tops and pants on the top rank, dresses and skirts on the bottom). I would love a rack in my room, but I'm running out of space. Another great idea is having a hanger/bar on your wall to hang a few of your favourite pieces!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

We've got better closets than most old houses but we could always use more space. Isn't that always the way. :)

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

My clothes aren't pretty enough for this but I sure would love it

Anonymous said...[Reply]

oooh LOVE! I personally use garment racks so as to see my clothes when I'm contemplating what to wear! If only I had a dressing space like Jenna Lyons' though...

Great post!

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Unknown said...[Reply]

I have a big closet but there is something so chic about an exposed clothing rack!

Unknown said...[Reply]

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