Need Some Time...

My loves, I know I was absent most of last week and I'm sad to say that I  will not be around this week either.
While I recently expressed my high hopes for my 23rd year (and I still have many!), things have not started off exactly as planned... I'm dealing with some personal conflicts right now that have left me feeling completely drained both mentally and emotionally.  I just need  one more week to get back on my feet. I could sit here and post some content that my heart isn't in, but what would any of us really gain from that? In the mean time, you can see that I've done a mini facelift here on the blog with a new head shot and new pink buttons! More on that when I come back.
Love you all, thank you for understanding! xox


Father's Day and Guest Post!

Happy Monday my loves! It's been a busy weekend for me with my birthday and Father's Day all rolled into one. I came home from the hospital today exactly 23 years ago. In 1990, the 17th was a Sunday and it was Father's Day, and really, I probably peaked at good Father's Day gift right then and there. Here's a picture from that day. Let's be real - how styling was I with that hair bow? Right on point.

Today I'm also guest posting over at Laura Dro Designs. If you have followed my blog for awhile now, you know I am a huge fan of Laura's art. I'm sharing how to style this painting:
Gorgeous, no? Head HERE to check it out!
I wish you all the very best of weeks! xo


Today I am 23...

That's right! It's my birthday. 22 was an amazing whirlwind of a year that I will remember fondly.
The year I went after my dream, the year I moved away from home, the year I really started to feel like I know where I want to go and who I want to be. I can only imagine that 23 will mean continuing to grow into that person.
I am so grateful for all the big and exciting opportunities that are going on in my life right now. God is blessing me in mysterious ways.
 Thank you all for helping make 22 one of my best. Cheers!


And the Winner is...

 And the winner is...
 Claire S! Congratulations. You've just won a 100% silk sleep mask from Silk Sleep!
I've sent you an e-mail on how to collect your prize.
Thanks again to everyone who entered for making this giveaway a huge success!


Last Chance for the Best Rest

 No Watercolor Wednesday this week my friends. I'm swamped with finals and that extra 'me' time is a bit non-existent at the moment. I'll be back in full force next week! Today is also the last day to enter the 100% silk sleep mask giveaway from Silk Sleep. You won't regret it! I mean just look how soundly Audrey is snoozing with hers. My sleep mask has changed my life (and did I mention it's wrinkle preventative?!) Good luck and thank you to all who entered!


Trunk Coffee Tables

When I was younger, I babysat for a family that had an old wooden steamer trunk as a coffee table. I loved that! It was the perfect place to store blankets and boardgames and it added a lot of character to the space. I've noticed that using a trunk as a coffee table is still going strong:
via Pinterest
via Style by Emily Henderson
Cassandra Lavalle via Coco & Kelly
via Lonny Mag April 2010
^ Love this lucite option!
via Peppermint Bliss
So you can imagine how excited I was when I left my house yesterday to bike to work and found this baby right outside my garage tipped upside down and left for the garbage man:
Being the hoarder lover of all good design opportunities that I am, I immediately dragged it into the garage and wrote my name on it in the dust. It needs some TLC but who doesn't love a good DIY project? You can't really tell from this crappy iPhone pic (I was running late for work by this time okay?!) but it's a gorgeous navy laquer. Once the gold bits are all shined up (and reattached..ahem), it's going to be a real showstopper. I still can't believe my luck! I've always referred to the alley behind my garage as 'garbage alley' but maybe treasure alley would be more appropriate?

And don't worry, I biked extra hard and made it to work with 2 minutes to spare ;). Sometimes you can have it all folks!
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Antique Changing Table

It's the last week of the baby blog party and this week Elisa of Fancy Free Me is hosting!
One of the things I love about her nursery is the use of a wood antique piece serving as a changing table.
I see this a lot with a the wood painted out (which is a great idea if you find a piece in less-than-ideal shape) - but how fabulous is leaving the wood? It adds sophistication and character to a room that can get too cute real fast. Plus, we've heard it a million times, but it is definitely a piece that can 'grow with your child'. I've rounded up a few examples for any of you designing a nursery anytime soon.
via Pawleys Island Posh
via Apartment Therapy
via Baby Cafe
^Go check out more of this darling pink and green nursery at this week's baby blog party!

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Silk Sleep: Sleep Mask Giveaway!

Remember last week when I complained mentioned that the sun wakes me up in my room super early? Well this week, all of my problems are solved! My friends at Silk Sleep so graciously offered to send me one of their 100% silk sleep masks.
I've always wanted a nice sleep mask. My fictional idols Holly Golightly and Carrie Bradshaw both wear one, so really it was just a matter of time. This one is perfection. It's surprisingly comfortable and the silk is wrinkle preventative ladies...can't complain about that! It even has little silk pillows built in under the eyes. I feel a little more glamorous each night, and ALOT more well rested each morning. Yesterday I even slept in until 11 am! Oops! Can't remember the last time I did that.

Sleep Mask / Mug / Duvet / Sheets (Kate Spade - old)

Silk Sleep also has some gorgeous silk duvets and sheets that I wouldn't mind curling up in:
Do any of YOU use a sleep mask?
Well if not, now is your chance because silk sleep is giving away one of their 100% silk sleep masks to one lucky reader! This contest is open to all followers of Tiffany Leigh Interior Design! Just follow the rafflecopter below for more ways to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck loves! xo


Watercolor Wednesday's: Bookshelf Style

Last night I took a few quick minutes to paint this week's watercolor, inspired by my absolute fave room feature in my Design*Sponge at Home coffee table book.
Michelle Adams's entire apartment stole my heart, and I especially loved the way that she styled her bookshelf! If I ever flip my Expedit the other way, I will be using this picture as a styling guide.
And thank you for all the good lucks yesterday. In case you are wondering, the presentation went wonderfully and the design pitch was a success. I wish I could say more, but at this point it's still confidential! Your support means the world to me! xo


Flamingo Barware

How cute are these flamingo glasses from IKEA? I picked up 6 while I was there the other day.
Can't wait to sip some pink lemonade from these beauties! They feel quite at home in my lucite tray.
 Sadly, the matching napkins I wanted were sold out:
via Stephanie Sterjovski
Hopefully they will restock soon! For even more flamingo inspiration, check out this post I did way back in July!
I wish I could stay and chat loves but I have a HUGE presentation today in front of some very important people. This could be big!


Party at Gatsby's

I finally went to see The Great Gatsby this weekend and I absolutely loved it - talk about glitter and glamour and fireworks! While I didn't find any sequin pants to wear to the movie (still on the hunt!) I did wear my new favourite sweatshirt!
 Sweatshirt / Earrings / Clutch (old) / Sunnies / Jeans (old) / shoes (old)
So in love. The Barista at Starbucks even surprised me by writing 'Old Sport' on my cup instead of my name. How sweet is that?
The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books too (total literature junky here) so this sweatshirt is just perfection in my eyes.
Have you seen the movie yet? xo