New Year, New Goals

2012 was a great year for me, but let's be honest, my resolution this time last year was to wear sweat pants less often....
This year, I've decided to make a list of real goals for my blog and my home to keep me focused.

A lot of these goals, especially the idea of doing a monthly vlog, make me extremely nervous because they involve putting myself out there. Here's to taking risks in the new year!
What are your goals for 2013?
Now get a little glamorous and have yourself a


Merry Christmas My Loves

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Wishing all of you the brightest and happiest holiday season, full of ginger bread cookies, egg nog and laughter with loved ones (and maybe a pink Christmas tree or two)! I'll see you in the New Year!
God Bless, xox


My Forty Hour Project

Well my loves, did you miss me? I'm still in finals but I just finished the biggest assignment of the term, so I'm hoping the rest will be quicker and easier. I'm so excited to share this project with all of your today!

We were asked to design a loft. We were given the basic dimensions and a couple specifics, but we got to invent out client and decide if we wanted a mezzanine or not, where to put it, where to put washrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. Not only did we have to do a floor plan and two sectional elevations, we were also required to create a sample board and make a to scale 3D model of the space! Let me walk you through it:
Here you can see my hand drawings of the views of the lower and upper levels of the loft. The main living area (tv area, lounge and kitchen) are all open concept with double height ceilings. You can see that the foyer, office and powder room are located underneath the mezzanine. The mezzanine level contains the bedroom and 3 piece bath. From the bedroom you can look over into the rest of the living space. The wall on the right is a full window wall with a door out to the balcony.
Also, you can see that I stacked the washrooms and kept them horizontal to the kitchen. This is the most efficient plan for plumbing.
Here is a sectional elevation giving you a better idea of the space. I located the television under the stairs to keep it somewhat out of sight and also to protect it from the glare of the massive window wall.
This is my favourite elevation that I've done so far. This wall of the loft has the original exposed brick. A large sliding glass door leads into the office.

Now a bit about my client and inspiration. My client is a young, single man in his early 30s who has a successful career in advertising. He is a guy's guy, who loves having the his friends over to watch the game and play poker. While he loves and fully embraces the downtown sophistocated lifestyle, he also loves the outdoors. I wanted to bring these contrasting but equally traditionally masculine aesthetics together in the space. Thus, menswear became my inspiration:
Specifically these dueling looks of Ryan Gosling... I mean, does it get any better?
(Parti is the essential idea or concept of a space).

Here are the products that I used to bring this idea to life:
Mid century modern pieces, industrial touches, a grey palette with warm teak and orange toned woods, suiting fabrics, etc. I also think the ceramic deer head is the perfect blend of rustic and urban!

Finally here is the piece de resistance, my model, where my drawings and concept are brought to life:
I'm so glad to be done, but it was a very fun project! 
If this is how term one wraps up...I'm a little bit scared for term two!


With a Sombre Heart

Yesterday, I sat down to write this post and was so overcome with emotion and sadness that I simply could not find the words. So I closed my computer and said a prayer, a prayer for all of those who lost their lives in Friday's unspeakable tragedy, and a prayer for all of the loved ones left behind to grieve the loss of lives taken far too soon. I pray that God will help to guide these families towards a future of healing and happiness, and that He will help them to find the strength and courage to make it through the dark days ahead. Sometimes, when there are no words, a prayer is the best remedy.
Heaven has some new angels this week. May they be safe in happy in a place much better than our own world. My deepest thoughts, sympathy, prayers, and love goes out to all those who need it during this difficult and devastating time. 


One Year of Blogging

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Well, it's official, with all of the busy-ness of finals week at school I missed my one year blogiversary. On December 8th, 2011, I started this blog (you can read the photo-less post here).
Back then, I didn't realize the time and dedication that writing a blog takes.
I also could never have anticipated all of the amazing friends and opportunities that blogging has brought.

It's truly amazing how far I have come in one short year.
God has blessed my life in many ways, and I am so happy.
Here are some highlights of my first year as a blogger:

Most popular Post:

My First Commissioned Drawing:
And my Second:

 Graduating from the University of Guelph (and being awarded the Gold Medal in English):

 Signing my FIRST lease:

 These things among so many others...

I want to say thank you to all of the friends I've made. And for each an every follower who has encouraged me through my journey, and brought a smile to my face each day! You guys are a huge part of my motivation. I love you all.
 ps. Please be patient with me while I struggle to get all of my final projects done over the next two weeks! I will try to post when I can!


Tartan for the Holidays

 I'm thinking that for this Holiday season, I definitely want to add some tartan or plaid to my look. I went to a Catholic school growing up, which meant wearing a plaid skirt to school...everyday. Good old uniforms.
via Golden White Decor

I have to admit that it turned me off tartan for awhile, but seeing the shoes above has me rethinking that.
The print reminds me of gift wrapping and I think some tartan shoes or tights would be the perfect touch with a gold or red dress.
via Nordstrom

Have you started planning your holiday party outfits yet? I've got an Ugly Christmas Sweater party to attend in a couple of weeks, I'll be sure to share!


Make-Shift Christmas Vignette

One of the things that I'm struggling with this holiday season is being away at school with no Christmas decorations to keep up my festive spirit during finals. I decided to see what I could pull together to create a make-shift vignette out of things I already own. Here is what I came up with:
I tied a red ribbon around my mercury glass jar, moved my beloved brass deer over, and created the 'hope peace cookies' card using a stencil. I was inspired by this card from Kate Spade:
via nordstrom
It just goes to show you that every day decor items can be repurposed for multiple uses! I can't wait to go home and decorate my tree and put up my real decorations, but for now this tides over my Christmas cravings! xox


Style Staple: Fur Stole

An accessory that I'm loving these days are fur stoles.
Evidently, I was a pretty cool kid. Take a look at this picture of me for Halloween circa 2000:
 My bestie Megan and I were 'rich ladies'. Please note my amaze fur stole that I got at a garage sale.
Now, here's the bad news. I searched my old dress up box high and low for that baby and can't seem to find it. I'm kinda convinced my big brother Dan has it somewhere....

Luckily my mom had a similar stole on an old coat that she has given to me so now I can pull off a little of this:

And this:

via oh my heart
 So cozy and chic, and definitely classic in my opinion. I think this should be a staple in anyone's wardrobe for the chillier months.
I'm sorry if any of you are offended by fur! Faux is always a great option.