With a Sombre Heart

Yesterday, I sat down to write this post and was so overcome with emotion and sadness that I simply could not find the words. So I closed my computer and said a prayer, a prayer for all of those who lost their lives in Friday's unspeakable tragedy, and a prayer for all of the loved ones left behind to grieve the loss of lives taken far too soon. I pray that God will help to guide these families towards a future of healing and happiness, and that He will help them to find the strength and courage to make it through the dark days ahead. Sometimes, when there are no words, a prayer is the best remedy.
Heaven has some new angels this week. May they be safe in happy in a place much better than our own world. My deepest thoughts, sympathy, prayers, and love goes out to all those who need it during this difficult and devastating time. 


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...[Reply]

Tiffany this was such a poignant post. I too, have found it hard to know what to say--there is too much pain surrounding this situation. Where do we find the words? And, yet I don't feel like I can go about blogging about anything else yet. I just want to pause with the families whom are hurting so, so much.

Sometimes, prayer is all we are left with. And, while it's a simple task, we can't forget that it's powerful. Thanks for the reminder.

Jenn from A Pop of Style said...[Reply]

Great post, I truly believe in what you said. Just thinking about the pain those parents are going through is unbearable, and I don't even have children myself. There's comfort, however, in knowing they're with God now.