Kitchens on the Brain - High Gloss White

Hi loves! I've got a mean case of kitchens on the brain. I'm guessing it's partly due to my brother's current kitchen renovation....but MOSTLY due to my new kitchen designer position which I will be starting in two weeks! I'm looking forward to giving clients their dream kitchens.

In preparation for my new job, I've been thinking about styles of kitchens that differ from my own go-to preferred style of classic white shaker cabinetry. Today, I'm getting inspired by a more modern take on kitchen cabinets: high gloss white.
via Style at Home
 ^ I love Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin's high gloss kitchen because it is the perfect balance of contemporary and traditional.
via Vogue
Toronto Condo via
via Apartment Therapy
I'm sort of loving the simplicity of these cabinets and the way they reflect the light. I bet they'd be easy to wipe down too!

Are you guys fans of high gloss cabinets!?
Have a great long weekend!!


Look For Less - Lucite Clutch

Honestly, I haven't been this excited about a fashion find in a long time. I've been covetting a lucite clutch for many months now, but the price tag of the ones I've seen made me think it was never going to happen. I even considered DIYing my own, a la Stripes and Sequins, but never got around to it.

But loves, Forever 21 has come through again with the ultimate save:
forever 21 / charlotte olympia
Now that's what I call a deal! (Am I the only one who things it's crazy to spend a grand on a small plastic box? matter how gorgeous it may be?). 
And now, some lucite clutch inspiration - because I can't get enough!
via NY Mag
via trendy taste
via flyover fashion
via New York fashion hunter
via Stripes and Sequins
 You're welcome :)


Watercolor Wednesday: My Coffee Table

This week, I was inspired by my very own space! I think it's because I can't get enough of my new zebra. He is too perfect. Enjoy xo


Black, White and Gold Prints

Lately I've been craving black, white and gold. A quick and easy way to incorporate this chic and glamorous look into your space is with art prints, so I've rounded up some great options for you to check out!
Chanel print via i see noise / wishbone via gilded mint / Non & Oui via Made by Girl
Non, je ne rerette rien via Sarah and Bendrix / Leopards via the aestate / Let Love guide your Life via SS Print Shop
 Imagine a gallery wall done entirely in this scheme? Amazing.


Vintage Ginger Jar

I am completely smitten with ginger jars! Historically, ginger jars were used to hold provisions such as ginger, salt, and oil. Today, especially in the Western world, ginger jars are usually used as decorative accessories. They are an adorable little chinoiserie element that can be incorporated into almost any room. We all know the stately blue and white jars (which look especially good in multiples), but the other day when I was at the antique store I found this little yellow, mint and red beauty:
For only $13, this little treasure came home with me!
It's little items like these that truly make a space feel special.
Do you have any ginger jars? Can anybody tell me what the chinese character means?


Neutral Nurseries

We are used to seeing nurseries with lots of colour - afterall, it is good for baby's stimulation. But lately I've been inspired by neutral nurseries - meaning gender neutral AND colour neutral. Baby's toys are colorful enough, why not let the space be calm and relaxing?
From the images below, you will see that neutral nurseries create a classic, timeless feel:
via a well dressed home
 And of course this roundup wouldn't be complete without a shout out to my blog crush Christine and the beautiful nursery she created for her son, Jasper. (It's featured in this month's Style at Home)!
via Bijou and Boheme
I'm over at Baby Cafe today with my own neutral nursery moodboard!
 Head on over to Baby Cafe for the sources and styling tips!

Would you consider going neutral in the nursery?


Project Pimp my Dollhouse & Some Big News

Happy Monday everyone! Is it weird that I love Mondays? (Probably because it is my only day each week with no school or work...does it even count?)
 Today I'm so excited to be over at Kim's fabulous blog, The Green Room Interiors, participating in her fun series, 'Pimp my Dollhouse'. Basically Kim asked a few of us here in blogland to each create a design board for the living/dining room in her own place, which she calls the dollhouse. Today is my day to share what I've created! The main guideline was that we had to incorporate the following elements:
 I mean with these as starting points, you can already tell the room is going to be amazing!
To see what I designed, head on over to Kim's Blog!

 I also have some very exciting news to share with all of you!
 On Saturday I found out that I got a new part time position as a KITCHEN DESIGNER for a particular hardware store that we bloggers absolutely adore. I have worked with this company for the past 8 months in the flooring and decor department, but this new position is much more in line with my career aspirations.
I couldn't be more thrilled, it is an excellent opportunity for me while I complete my degree and I can't wait to take on some clients and start designing!

Lastly, it's time to pick a winner for the $50 Minted Giveaway!
Congratulations to another Kim, who said "If I won, I would spend the money on one of the beautiful art prints, like The Peony Bottle! :)".

Hope you all have a great week! xox


Style Staple: The Baseball Cap

A baseball ball cap is one of my trusty go-to's when the hair is bad or when it's drizzling outside and I need to keep the rain out of my face while I bike. But lately I've been rocking the ball cap even on good hair, sunny days. In the days of boyfriend jeans, watches and shirts, who can deny the adorableness of a girl showing off her tomboy side? It adds the perfect touch of masculinity to an otherwise feminine outfit, and even pairs well with classics tailored pieces.
via Teen Vogue
^I also want some pumped up kicks like this very, very badly.
via on the racks
For me, this accessory is a no brainer. Are you feeling it?


Currently Learning: Sketch-Up

This term we are finally learning to use Google Sketch-Up! I am so in love, even though I'm just a newbie. I would describe it as Sims for adults. Let's be real - even as a child all I ever did on Sims was build and decorate the houses. Anyone else? Basically this has been consuming all of my time this week so I thought I would share my progress with you guys. This term my studio project is retail design, and I'm designing a clothing retail shop including designing all of the branding. I called my line 'Mint' and am bringing it together in 3D! Here are some 'work in progress' shots:

My favourite touch has got to be the mint candy wallpaper that I custom designed for the store.
The 'i' on my logo is dotted with the same candy. So presh!
Do any of you use Google Sketch-Up?
Speaking of mint...don't forget to enter the $50 Minted Giveaway that I have going on right now!


My Lazy Zebra

Sometimes you can experience a happy accident while antiquing, and stumble upon something you didn't even know you were looking for! This happened to me yesterday. I was in Waterloo for the day and decided to hit up my favourite antique mall after running my errands.
I went into a booth I almost never glance at because it's filled mostly with toys -  and wam, bam, thank you maam I saw and fell in love with the cutest little ceramic zebra for $7! He came home with me and is providing a happy update to my coffee table styling:

I've rounded up some more zebra figurine inspiration (serious eye candy):
via Bijou and Boheme
via Bijou and Boheme
via Domaine
I really am getting quite the zoo over here. Do you have any animal figurines around your place?
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