Coffee Shop Atmosphere: Inspiration Station

Recently in my retail design class, we learned that people tend to be more inspired, creative, and get more work done in a coffee shop environment than in a quiet office.
Research suggests that it is the chatter and noises of the coffee shop that actually allow us to focus and think outside the box. In fact, one company, Coffitivity, allows you to stream the noises of a coffee shop into your home or office to help you get down to business (I think I'm going to try this!).

Lately, I've been having a bad case of writer's block. I decided to come to a coffee shop to test out this info and write a blog post, and voila, here I am typing away, inspired by the very thing itself!
But it has me it really just the sounds, or is it the space itself?
I absolutely love coffee shop decor. It tends to be homey, inviting, industrial, warm, and has that subtle hipster vibe that allows you to unleash your inner creative soul.  Here is a look at some inspiring spaces:
I personally think that it is the entire atmosphere, overall, that inspires coffee shop goers. Therefore, the sounds themselves might not be enough when we are in our own private space. Why not carve out a little coffee shop nook in our own homes? I've put together a mood board below to help you capture the vibe without breaking the bank!

-The key to capturing that coffee shop essence is in a chalkboard with creative typeface. If you're good at this sort of thing, buy a chalkboard and get going! If not, you can cheat with this etsy poster by Lily & Val.
-Repurpose the ever popular barcart with coffee grinds, pretty teacups, fresh flowers and an espresso machine or coffee maker.
-Create bistro style seating with iconic wishbone chairs (or reproductions) and my fave, the DOCKSTA table from IKEA.
-An industrial style pendant lamps are often used in coffee shops. This one from IKEA is affordable and looks good.
-Couldn't leave out the SS Print Shops adorable new print "Stop and Smell the Peonies". An inspiring message for an inspiring little nook!

Do you find you get more work done in coffee shops?


ALLIE NYC said...[Reply]

Yes I have heard this, but for me this does not work. i need to be at home or in an office. Great photos btw.

Je sais que le droit semble l'été passe vite. Mais Juillet à New York était une vague de chaleur brutale non stop si la chute ne cherche pas mauvais droite abou pas. Mais oui c'est super publireportage.


Dressing Ken

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Maybe I'll give this a shot, couldn't hurt. I've always loved the coffee shop atmosphere, and the look you've pulled together looks fab! I've had some knock-off wishbone chairs on my want list for a while now.

Alex - The Interior DIYer said...[Reply]

There really is something about sitting in a coffee shop that causes all sorts of inspiration. I don't even drink coffee - or tea for that matter - but I love lounging around in coffee shops.

xx A

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

cute pics; DDD

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...[Reply]

I love this, and I never thought of it, but industrial lighting is always in a coffee shop. How fun.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Who knew re: the coffee interesting! I've been feeling a little blocked in the writing department too so might give this a whirl:) Your coffee inspired design is fabulous!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...[Reply]

how interesting...I love that there is a station that has coffee shop noises to get it! I might need to start hitting up coffee shops to get inspired as well.

Natalie said...[Reply]

I'm totally the same way. Put me in a coffee shop, and I'm suddenly focused and the words just pour out. Plus, it smells amazing. Haha. Love the little nook you created!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...[Reply]

In college I always did better studying in public, the library, coffee shops or random school hallways. I feel like you just soak up your environment through osmosis and send out a better product.

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I totally believe that the coffee shop environment would have an effect on me ;)

Unknown said...[Reply]

I need to get to one, I am feeling blocked as well!
Cute post, and I love shops like those...
xo Nancy

Lesley Metcalfe said...[Reply]

I love this post! Coffee shops really are great places to let the creativity flow. Sometimes there are too many distractions at home or at the office and it helps to change the environment you're working in. Love your coffee-inspired mood board!