Anyone Ever Eaten One?

I'm back from my trip to Halifax! Loved the Maritimes as always. Unfortunately, a couple of my meetings fell through, but I'm staying on the positive side because this meant more time with the boyfriend. I also started a second job today, serving at a local sports bar! Between these two jobs and school, I'm a busy bee, but I'll always find time for blogging.
One of the best restaurants that I ate at was the Five Fishermen. This place has a really cool history, and is rumoured to be haunted! The building was once a mortuary where many bodies off the Titanic were kept! While I didn't see any ghosts, this little (big)guy definitely creeped me out when he showed up on my plate! Sure I ordered lobster but in Ontario, it never comes in full form like this! After getting over my fears of touching it and alot of hard work, I was so satisfied. Yummy and fresh. Have any of you ever eaten a whole lobster like this?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Oscar Worthy: Golden Inspiration

Tonight is the big night, the Academy Awards! To get us all in the mood, I've pulled together a few images of golden inspiration, truly award winning looks in my book!
^ I'm infatuated with that glittery golden beaded curtain on the left. Such a fabulous room.
^ As if the chevron settee and uniquely patterned wood floors didn't make for enough conversation in this beautiful room, please direct your eyes to the GOLD LEAF COFFERED CEILING. Looks like a lot of work, but totally worth the end result.
^ How about this beautiful and simple gold leaf chevron tray? I think that this could be easily done with some painter's tape and a gold leaf kit. Serve up some drinks on this baby at your very own Oscar party!
^ Glitzy and glamorous golden gallery wall!
Will you be watching the Oscars? Any favorites for the win?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Interview with Yours Truly

 Today, I'm so excited to share my interview on Shelby's blog Chasing Birdies.Check it out HERE to learn a little bit more about me!
If you're visiting from Shelby's blog, Welcome! Thank you for stopping by, I am so happy to have you. I hope you will follow along so I can check out your blog and make some new blogging friends :).
If you're already one of my fabulous readers, I encourage you to check out Shelby's blog! It's lovely and she is such a sweet person.
Tiffany Leigh

Get the Look: Black and White Rug

I couldn't help but drool over The Aestate's Sexy Space this Saturday. 
I love the dramatic wall treatment and the rug. 
If you love it like I do, don't despair! 
I've found the perfect piece for you're very own sexy space.
 IKEA rug
Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!
xox Tiffany


Favourite Furniture Fridays: Glass Top Desk

I'm constantly on the look out for inspiration for my future creative studio/office space. One thing I've been spotting lately are desks with a raised glass top, so you can easily slide inspiration and notes between the desk top and the glass.
Stylish, and practical, it looks good from both sides so it can be in the middle of the room rather than up against the wall. Also, you can take the pieces you're using for a current project off of the chaotic inspiration board and have them readily in sight. Isn't it drool worthy? I was fully prepared to pine away until a recent trip to IKEA proved that I can actually afford this baby quite easily!
Table Top / Trestle with Shelf

 What do you think? Can you see yourself getting work done at this gorgeous desk? I sure can.
xox Tiffany Leigh


Strolling in Halifax

Yesterday was a beautiful winter day in Halifax, but today is back to fog and rain. I took advantage of the nice weather by taking a walk and admiring the beautiful housing and architecture which is characteristic of the Maritimes. Painted in bright colours, not a brick in sight, and cape cod styles with white pickets and columns, these houses are sure to remind you of the sea.
My favourite house was this black number with a bright pink door. Notice that neat little crescent window on the roof!:
Imagine being able to say "It's the one with the pink door" to visiting guests. This house totally my style! In fact, it matched the outfit I wore for my walk perfectly!:
 Here are some other houses I saw and liked, and a few ideas of how you can incorporate exterior ideas in your interior design plans!
What do you think of the housing style out East? Could you paint your house bright blue? What about a hot pink front door? I think I could settle in quite nicely here. SO charming.
Tiffany Leigh


This One's for the Fellas: Perfect Bachelor Pad Accessory

This week I'm staying with my boyfriend in Halifax, and let me just state that the apartment is the epitome of student bachelor pad. While the boys might not be getting the award for super chic (or super tidy for that matter), their place showcases an eclectic mix of leather furniture, big screen TVs, and sports memorabilia.
One piece of theirs that I am especially drawn to is an old Alexander Keith's chalkboard that they have hung up on the wall. This piece was being thrown out by a local pub due to damage in one corner, and so the roomies claimed it for their very own. You can find similar items by inquiring at local pubs, restaurant suppliers, antique shops, and online vendors.
Alexander Keith's is a famous beer brewed in Nova Scotia, so the piece incorporates the area's history, along with style and function all in one. I can see the boys getting a lot of great use out of this piece:

They haven't styled around the piece in any real way, so I got a little bit creative and put together a board of how to really polish off this look:
Create a masculine, purposeful vignette by adding a dark bar cart that can easily be wheeled around for entertaining. A black lamp helps to break up the whiteness of the rental walls, and a metal bar stool and pendant emphasize a manly, industrial vibe. Stack some sports books and cocktail recipe books on top.  Finish off the look by adding a stainless steel  ice bucket, beer glasses, and of course alcohol to compliment the restaurant theme of the chalkboard.
What do you think? The perfect bachelor pad accessory or what?
Tiffany Leigh
ps. Thank you so much to Drew and Dana for their amazing airport attire guest posts!


Coral Cafe: Airport Attire Guest Post part 2

It's time to escape to the ISLANDS! Thank you Tiffany for having me over today to share my airplane attire while heading to the warm sun, sandy beaches and flowing aqua water (in my mind of course).
What better way to walk in style than in this gloriously colored maxi skirt?! The prints go perfectly with one another. Pink, orange and aqua accessories add to this tropical wardrobe while your carry on is filled with reggae beats, travel magazines to point you in the right direction of paradise and fruity twizzlers to snack on with dreams of the islands playing in your head.
Hope Tiffany is enjoying her vacation and is looking forward to sharing the exciting details upon her arrival! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Southern Inspired: Airport Attire Guest Post

Hi! It's Dana from Southern Inspired and I'm so happy to be over here on Tiffany's lovely blog today! When Tiffany asked my sister, Drew, and I if we would do a post collaboration, we jumped at the chance! And since Tiffany is traveling, we are putting together a series of airport attire for you.

Today we are headed on a business trip. But don't think business attire isn't fun. No more boring black suits...bring on the preppy colors!

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8

Tomorrow we are going somewhere fun! So stay tuned for Coral Cafe's picks!


Leaving on a Jet Plane

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.
I'm officially on Spring Break! My school calls it 'Reading Week'...but let's be serious. Rather than cracking open the books I'm jetting off to Halifax tonight to visit my guy! Words cannot express my excitement, firstly because I haven't seen him in 6 weeks, secondly because it's such an amazing city (I hope to do a post on the unique and colorful houses!) and finally because I have some very exciting and promising meetings with some amazing people (more on this later).

I expect to be pretty busy the first couple of days out there while I settle in, but you're in for a treat! I've got the amazing and truly talented sisters, Dana from Southern Inspired and Drew from Coral Cafe doing some amazing posts solving the dilemma of what to wear when traveling by plane. Am I the only one who struggles with this? Stay tuned for those tomorrow and Saturday!
In the mean time, have a wonderful few days, and seriously y'all, go check out their blogs! You won't be disappointed.
Tiffany Leigh


Styling with Flowers

I always say that a room isn't complete until there is a vase of fresh flowers. Here are some of my absolute fave floral picks:
1) Peonies
2) Tulips

via Style at Home

3) Blues and Purples: Hydrangeas, Lilacs, and Delphiniums
Hydrangeas via
Lilacs via Samantha Pynn
Delphiniums via Style at Home
What is your favourite flower? Did you get a bouquet for Valentine's Day?
Tiffany Leigh


Valentine's Day Plans

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
Just wanted to quick pop in and say hello and leave you all with this valentine's day inspired room. I looooove the pendant, and all the little pink touches help to make this space feel feminine and chic.
 Today, Art History is my Valentine....romantic right?! I've got two back-to-back art history midterms.
In a perfect world, I'd have some adorable pink heart framed glasses to wear while I write them. Well, a perfect world I probably wouldn't have to back-to-back art history midterms but what can ya do! Here's a little peak at what I'm wearing to keep the holiday spirit alive:
Jeans & Watch: American Eagle, Clutch: Coach, Top: Dynamite, Shoes: Alfred Sung for Zellers
Sorry about the bad picture quality, I'm in a bit of a hurry!
 My realllll Valentine's Day date is in a couple of days, when I fly to Nova Scotia to visit the bf! I haven't seen him since he left after Christmas, so I'm pretty excited! It's also our one year anniversary on the 19th!
Me and my guy on my birthday in June! I cannot wait to see this man again!
 I've got a couple of really awesome guest bloggers lined up for while I'm away, doing some travel inspired posts that I know you will enjoy! Okay now I've really gotta go study! Wish me luck!

How are YOU spending Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear!
Tiffany Leigh


Save vs. Splurge: Mercury Glass

 Of course, the lighting in La-Z-Boy was much better so the expensive one looks prettier here, but they really are very similar looking. And for a savings of over $265, you really can't complain!
Tiffany Leigh


Emerald Envy

I've been noticing a lot of emerald popping up in fashion and interiors lately, and I've gotta say, I'm a huge fan. I've pulled together some of my favourite items and looks that will make you green with envy!



Prettiest Little Bedroom

Isn't this the prettiest little bedroom that you ever did see? So feminine and delicate. I love the incorporation of Pantone's colour of the year, Tangerine Tango, in such a temporary form, yet it still steals the show. The upholstery on the chair is perfect, the floral pillow on the setee compliments the desktop accessories so well, and don't even get me started on the tutu inspired chandelier! I could go on and on! Photography by Monic Richard for Style at Home Magazine.
Do you love it?
Tiffany Leigh


My First Guest Blog

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!
I'm very excited to announce that I'm guest blogging for Amber at Simple Dwellings today. I was thrilled when she asked me to take part in her series called "If My Blog Was a Room", where a new blogger every week creates a room that reflects their blog perfectly.
I would love it if you stopped by to see what I came up with! You will love Amber's blog!
It's my first time guest blogging ever, so thank you for your support guys :)
Here's a little sneak peak, now go check out the rest! And to anyone visiting from Simple Dwellings: WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by :)
xox, Tiffany Leigh


Love is in the Air..

or, at the very least, Valentine's Day is! That's right, the lovey-dovey holiday is right around the corner. This year I'll be spending it alone, courtesy of long distance lovin', but I'm not going to let it ruin my spirit! I've put together a little round up of a few pink, girly, and romantic items that have caught my eye lately. If you're spending this holiday solo, don't despair! Instead, celebrate how much you LOVE YOURSELF by treating yourself to one or two of these items. If you're lucky enough to be sharing the day with a partner, feel free to 'accidentally' leave this up on your computer screen for them to see. Maybe they'll get the hint?

Dark Decor

When I see walls painted black, I think AMAZING, they make such a bold statement. It's unexpected and neutral at the same time. Usually black is thought to create a moody look, but I think that the picture below looks so energetic and fun.
I'm just not sure I could ever commit to it. Can you imagine how many coats it would take to paint over that?! One day I might work up the courage, but for now I am fully committed to painting doors black. It makes a similar impact on a smaller scale.
Are you adventurous enough to paint a wall black? What about a door?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Trying Out New Trends

Do you ever see a fashion trend on a celebrity and think "I could pull that off", but when you purchase the item you never seem to find the courage to wear it? This is what happened to me with the headscarf. I see it on other people and I am absolutely IN LOVE with this look. But whenever I put mine on I hesitate for some reason.
I first started noticing this look on the always fashionable Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl (one of my favourite shows, hello Chuck Bass).
These UpperEast Siders wear their headscarves pushed back higher up on their heads, which makes it a bit more preppy.

I also like the way Nicole Richie wears a scarf, over the top of her forehead. It's a hippie inspired look, adding a carefree vibe and ease to her look. She chooses bright and playful prints to add a pop to her neutral attire and finishes the look with a pair of stylish shades.

Another way to wear the headscarf that I really like is to spin it around so the knot or bow is on the front!
I think I'm going to get the courage to wear mine one day soon:
 Do you guys like headscarves? Who do you think wears it best? Have you ever had a trendy item that you've owned and loved but never worn?
Tiffany Leigh