This One's for the Fellas: Perfect Bachelor Pad Accessory

This week I'm staying with my boyfriend in Halifax, and let me just state that the apartment is the epitome of student bachelor pad. While the boys might not be getting the award for super chic (or super tidy for that matter), their place showcases an eclectic mix of leather furniture, big screen TVs, and sports memorabilia.
One piece of theirs that I am especially drawn to is an old Alexander Keith's chalkboard that they have hung up on the wall. This piece was being thrown out by a local pub due to damage in one corner, and so the roomies claimed it for their very own. You can find similar items by inquiring at local pubs, restaurant suppliers, antique shops, and online vendors.
Alexander Keith's is a famous beer brewed in Nova Scotia, so the piece incorporates the area's history, along with style and function all in one. I can see the boys getting a lot of great use out of this piece:

They haven't styled around the piece in any real way, so I got a little bit creative and put together a board of how to really polish off this look:
Create a masculine, purposeful vignette by adding a dark bar cart that can easily be wheeled around for entertaining. A black lamp helps to break up the whiteness of the rental walls, and a metal bar stool and pendant emphasize a manly, industrial vibe. Stack some sports books and cocktail recipe books on top.  Finish off the look by adding a stainless steel  ice bucket, beer glasses, and of course alcohol to compliment the restaurant theme of the chalkboard.
What do you think? The perfect bachelor pad accessory or what?
Tiffany Leigh
ps. Thank you so much to Drew and Dana for their amazing airport attire guest posts!


Michelle said...[Reply]

Pretty sure the hubs would be obsessed with that!!