Inspirational Art: Henry Hargreaves

New York City Subway, in ribbon

Paris Subway, in pipecleaner
How fun and amazing are these works of art photography by Henry Hargreaves. I discovered these pieces via CMYBacon. These are two of five from his Subway Series. He also makes a map of Washington's subway using M&Ms, London's in dyed spaghetti, and Moscow's in yarn. The ribbon and the pipecleaner shown above are my favourites though. Here's why:

I love the whimsy and the fluid line of the ribbon used to depict the New York City subway. I think that this is an interesting and contradictory way to illustrate a highly organized and structured system of the hustling and bustling city. The transparency of the ribbon gives depth and dimension. Absolutely brilliant.

The Paris Subway is a favourite simply for its clean line and fun colour. I especially like the pops of lilac, pink and minty green. I think that pipecleaner would be the easiest medium to try and do a DIY of this project in... hmmm, maybe one day!

These works would definitely make great conversation pieces! I'm truly inspired by the work of Hargreaves.
Are you?

Love always,
Tiffany Leigh