SATC: Carrie Bradshaw's Interior Style

I’m quite sure that many of you will agree with me when I state that Carrie Bradshaw has become a major fashion icon of this generation. As a fictional character on the hit show Sex and the City, Carrie epitomizes the type of woman many of us strive to be:
Sexy, Confident, Successful, Honest, a True Friend, and of course Stylish.
While her infamous closet is stuffed full of wearable treasures (from pricey designer labels to vintage second-hand finds), her interior spaces have also become iconic and drool worthy and mustn’t go unnoticed.
Here is a look at some of my favourite of Carrie Bradshaw’s interior stylings…sets that provided the perfect atmosphere for the trendy, downtown New York dreamer as we as an audience experienced her life.

 ^Carrie’s closet in her original apartment is my favourite space.
Why not have a little fun in the walk-in closet? Carrie experiments with colour, rug choice, and funky lighting. Her colourful clothes compliment the space perfectly…or is it the other way around?

Get the look in your closet:
Paint colour: Pick a dark, rich, greyish blue. I like Benjamin Moore's Wolf Gray

 Rug: Any bright and girly floral rug will do, like the one below from Urban Outfitters for only $34!

via Urban Outfitters
Lights: Decorate your own oversized white drum shades with a black fabric marker and hang them as pendant light fixtures to achieve the look of Carrie's closet lighting.

Other spaces:

 ^ Carrie and Big’s closet.
A much more grown up, organized closet than when Carrie lived as a bachelorette. I think the difference in cabinetry marking a masculine and feminine side is absolutely brilliant (and I love her clothes spill over onto his side).

^Carrie’s original bedroom.
Such an eclectic, lived-in look. Each piece looks flea-market picked. This is a personal favourite and much preferred to her renovations in the movie SATC 2, which I found just too neat for Carrie.

^ Carrie and Big’s living room.
A little masculinity for him in the sofa, a little femininity for her in the blossom rug. A perfect blend for the newly married couple. The artwork above the couch is stunning, simple, and adds the perfect pop of colour.

Although Carrie is definitely known more for her fashion than her apartment, I just can’t ignore design this good. Have you noticed Carrie's apartment while watching? Which is your favourite look?

Love always,
Tiffany Leigh


Jackie said...[Reply]

I love this post! I was always obsessed with Carrie's apartment on the show, just as much as her clothes. I even noticed stupid little things, like when they changed the color of her wall behind her bed (to pink, which I loved!). Her closet is every girl's dream.

Melody M. said...[Reply]

I've never thought of the SATC decor like this and I'm so glad you did a post on it! So neat!