Colorful Curtains!

Do you have the Monday blues? I sure do. It's my last day of my lucky full month and one day off between semesters. Although I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, I can't help but want to continue relaxing for just a few more days. The best cure to the blues, however, is a bright injection of good interior design. Today, I bring you this in colorful curtains.

Images via HGTV
^ Designer Samantha Pynn livens up a black and white scheme with these blue floral curtains. The fabrics are from The Finnish Place. I think the curtains absolutely steal the show in this kitchen.

Image via Solid Frog

Image via Petite Vanoe
^ The two images above use the same beautiful floral and fruitful curtain to set off the white walls. I got them from different sources, so I'm not sure whether or not they are from the same living space. Either way, both feature a beautiful use of the bold fabric.

Image via A Place I'd Like to Call Home

^ Curtains aren't just for windows you know! Add a pop of colour to your closets with this fun idea.

Image via Vintage Luxe
^ I'm loving these pink floral beauties.

My favourite featured look here is Sam Pynn's. In fact, I think she's brilliant with curtains in most of her designs, adding piping or colour bands to simple ready made drapes in many instances. What's your favourite?
Oh ya, and CHEER UP. Hope this helped bring a smile to your face!
Happy Monday,
Tiffany Leigh


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Unknown said...[Reply]

These look rather admirable. Complimentary and evoking good atmosphere. One should really look at the spatial elements at play to arrive at such good windows aesthetic, and relate to them in ways that is organic and brings a familiar sense of nature, such as, say, skies. Kudos there!

Roxie @ Allure