Planning my Gallery Wall

When I finally get my own place, I NEED a gallery wall. Gallery walls are everywhere I look lately, and I'm taking that as a sign. I absolutely love the eclectic, pieced-together-over-time look that it creates, and the injection of personality it can add to any wall. Although a gallery wall is definitely not a new idea, it's one I just can't ignore. I thought I'd share with you some spaces I love, some of the pieces I have already collected for my future wall, and some pieces I have my eye on.

Image via Style by Emily Henderson
^ Emily Henderson is one of my favourite designers. She was the winner of HGTV's Design Star season 5 and her blog really shows off her quirky and witty sense of humor. Flipping through her portfolio, you see that she has absolutely mastered the tricky art of the gallery wall. The picture above demonstrates that. I love the heart print. She uses each piece to add a unique twist and pop of colour to the room.

Image via designerh0mes
^ The picture above shows that you can use more than just framed art on a gallery wall. A clock, decorative plates and colorful tiles also can help finish off the look.

Image via
^ If you just can't commit to the time and mess that it takes to plan the hanging of a gallery wall (see the whole 'how-to' over at Nothing but Bonfires -blogger Holly Burns has an amazing, hilarious, and informative post about the entire process), or if you feel uneasy about putting all those holes in the wall, then photo shelves can help you create a similar look while avoiding these hazards of gallery wall-ing. The beauty of using photo shelves is that you can easily switch up your artwork whenever you choose!

My Gallery Wall Pieces:

 Pieces I already have:

 ^This is one of the prints that my parents' got in the Bahamas on their honeymoon over 27 years ago. They are still happily married, and to me, this print represents the beginning of that marriage. I also love its simplicity and the calm, fishing town vibe captured the image. Still needs a good frame.

^ This is a print of a photograph by Ivan Fraser. It captures the beauty of Nova Scotia's Peggy's Cove. My boyfriend goes to school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On a recent trip to visit him we spent the day exploring the Cove. It's so breathtaking! I got this print and am saving it for my gallery wall. Oh the memories! Also needs a good frame. (See me and the bf at the lighthouse below!)

Items on my wish list:

^ I am in love with the paintings by Jen Ramos for Coco and Hearts. So many beautiful colours to choose from! At 10" x 8", they are the perfect little size for any gallery wall. (You might recognize her work as the background of my designer lifestyle blog header!)

^ Did I mention how talented Jen Ramos is? Oh, well, if you need further proof, I need this Love Candy Print in GOLD that she designed. A deal at $35.
 ^ This poster by Row Boat Press, discovered via the 'how-to' post by Holly mentioned earlier. I find this quote so romantic and everlasting. It really gets me. Get it for only $15.

A bit of a long post, I apologize! Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I'd love to see it! Any perfect piece recommendations?

Love always,
Tiffany Leigh


Michelle said...[Reply]

I love those rooms! So pretty.

Jackie said...[Reply]

Gallery walls are my favorite thing! I also love the whole pieced together, eclectic feel it gives. The Emily Henderson pic is fabulous, so bright and happy! I love the heart pic.

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