A Copper Tub

Last week I dished about gold hardware, and this week, copper tubs!
I thought that the IKEA really knocked their booth at IDS Toronto last weekend out of the park. Take a look:
via IKEA Canada on Pinterest
via Sweetsuite 10
  I mean, gorgeous right? While the tub is not available at IKEA (its vintage!), most of the styling and accessory pieces are - proving that you can mix high-end show stopping glamour with affordable design.
Here is some more coppery goodness to inspire you:
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
I know I will never live in a house with the style suiting a copper tub, because honestly it's a little more formal than I am on an every day basis. But it sure is fun to look at, and drool over.
For the right client, it'd be a perfect showstopper. And the shape of these tubs? YES PLEASE.
Could you see a copper tub in your own home?
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Albertina || MimosaLane said...[Reply]

ha! Ikea should get on that! What a beautiful image! I love copper tubs. They are so dramatic. I love it paired with grey.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

Tiffany they are gorgeous! I had no idea IKEA had them...If I could, I would put one in my home simply to LOOK AT IT!!!

STARDUST said...[Reply]

Oh my!

Brooke said...[Reply]

I would love a copper tub, such a statement piece that can be styled soooo many ways! Looove the IKEA display!! Xo

Kim@Chattafabulous said...[Reply]

Whoa, I thought at first Ikea was offering a copper tub! Gorgeous!

allergic to vanilla said...[Reply]

Holy moley- stop it! It's so perfect- I would absolutely have one in my house!!

xo Carlina

Our French Inspired Home said...[Reply]

I would love to have that copper tub! We have been looking at some similar to those, just not copper. Not too excited about the thought of cleaning either of them, however. - Tonya

Hannah said...[Reply]

That is beyond gorgeous! I would love to have a tub like that, I'd probably spend hours in it.

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Kristen said...[Reply]

OMG love this! I would totes put one in my house. IKEA did a ridiculous job, would have never guessed.

jackie jade said...[Reply]

would love to have a tub like this in my house - i'd probably never actually use it, but would love to look at it's prettiness!
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McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

These are gorgeous! I would love to have one in my house!

Brooklyngal said...[Reply]

Love copper, these tubs are beautiful!


Unknown said...[Reply]

Nice post.It does all look amazing!
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