Dream House Alphabet: C

C is for Clawfoot Tub
Alright, so I know that clawfoot tubs aren't the most practical of all bathtubs. I mean, where do you put the shampoo?! But...come on, they are just too gorgeous to resist. My *dream* house  will definitely have a clawfoot tub. Not to wash the kiddies in, just for me to relax in after a long day.
Here are some beautiful inspirational images:
 Which is your fave? Mine is the last one. What would your 'C' be?
 xox Tiffany Leigh


charmaine said...[Reply]

C for me would be a tie between Carrara marble and Clawfoot tub. Love all the pics!

Hannah said...[Reply]

Oooh I love the last tub! So luxurious!

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Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...[Reply]

I also love clawfoot tubs! So glamourous! My 'C' would have to be carrera marble on every bathroom and kitchen surface, please! :) Great idea for a series!

Adding the finishing touch said...[Reply]

These are stunning and I too plan on having one of these someday!

The one with the headboard is my favourite!

Nicole :)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...[Reply]

I want them all, stunning!!!!!

paradise city said...[Reply]

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A and B said...[Reply]

I would die for a claw foot tub! those are so amazing!