If this dress were a couch...

If this dress were a couch.....
 It would be white with black piping, have a beautiful and colorful ikat lumbar pillow, and two royal blue throw cushions the same shade as her shoes!

If this dress were a couch...
It would be a funky, dizzying black and white patterned number, showing lots of leg, with a bunch of colorful accent pillows!

Truly digging both of these outfits! Are you?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Laura@happyroost said...[Reply]

oooo, I love the second one!


Fanlights said...[Reply]

Tiffany! your blog is seriously cute the designer lifestyle blog is like a starwish to read glitter everywhere as i scroll down through the posts keep this up X mercury moonshine dutchess

art nouveau said...[Reply]

Love the first one!!Very clever post!!
Have a nice day!!
Art nouveau

Megan Abigail Chandler said...[Reply]

I'm OBSESSED with this series!!!!

Mandy said...[Reply]

I LOVE that second couch and dress!! I think I need both! Dress to wear for spring....and couch for my office :)

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STARDUST said...[Reply]

Absolutely digging it! Such an interesting post!

Adding the finishing touch said...[Reply]

What a clever post! Those dresses are fabulous!

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...[Reply]

This is great! Just found your blog while looking around and saw that you're an aspiring designer, how exciting! I'm a junior interior design student and have been loving it. Hope you're enjoying it too :)

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...[Reply]

Or hope you DO enjoy it :) Just realized you're not starting til September! You will love it!

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...[Reply]

Hey there, I just found your blog and love it. Love the outfits too. Super cute. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love the idea of outfits as sofas :) That first dress is amazing & I really like your incorporation of ikat prints :)