Spotted on Pinterest: The Blush Maxi Skirt

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 Right now, I'm trying desperately to spend my money only on things I will need for my new place and new life as a design student in Toronto beginning in the fall. The idea of a blush maxi skirt, however, is tempting me...badly. Even Lauren Conrad's rocking it.
I've got my eye on this pretty and pleated one from Urban Outfitters. I'd definitely go with a different pair of shoes though...just sayin.


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

cute skirt ^^

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

That skirt is gorgeous, I love how feminine it is! But those shoes, I could never pull those off!

Albertina said...[Reply]

I like teh skirt! I think it goes with anything! I'm glad we agree on the shoes...although it would be nice to be that much taller

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...[Reply]

hahahah loooove the skirt and definitely agree with you on those shoes... I have no words! So bad!

holly foxen wells