My Apartment: Bedroom Planning

It has officially been one year since I took possession of my one bedroom apartment (what?! How is that possible?!). So far, I've been focused on every area besides the bedroom, because it's the one area guests don't really see. 
Now that the rest of my space is more or less finished (just a minor list left: runner for the front hall, paint dining table, new side table lamp, find hardware for bookshelf doors), it's time to give the bedroom a little loving. I really dislike my bedroom right now - it simply doesn't function properly so it always ends up a mess. The layout is very strange because of the placement of doors, windows and radiators. And the white walls and lack of bedskirt, etc. leave it feeling very temporary and dorm-ish.

I've finally come up with a plan that I feel very confident in. I had bits and pieces of it brewing for awhile, but I had my big eureka moment recently while watching The Intern. I love every set Nancy Meyers has designed (Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, etc.) but I think Jules's house in The Intern is my very favourite. It literally made my heart skip a beat. And when I saw her dark grey master bedroom, I knew this was the piece to the puzzle that I had been missing.
Jules's Bedroom in The Intern, Designed by Nancy Meyers, via Architectural Digest

Those charcoal walls were speaking my language, and the play between greys and natural linens really works well. I love the idea of wall sconces as I don't have room for bedside lamps. Picking the perfect grey is proving tricky, but I'm leaning towards Elegant Boutique by Para. Do you have a favourite?

Here is another room that is inspiring me for my bedroom:
Victoria Solomon's Apartment, Designed by Victoria Soloman, via The Everygirl

The grey here is a bit lighter and probably better for my space that doesn't get much light. And those sconces are my dream. MY DREAM! They are reasonably priced, but still out of my budget so I'll have to find an alternative.

Other things floating my boat:
Michelle Adams's Bedroom via Lonny Mag, 2012
I've been obsessed with Pyne Hollyhock for the bedroom ever since I saw this spread of Michelle Adams's place way back in 2012. If I haven't gotten sick of it yet, I doubt I ever will. Of course I can't afford much of this fabric, so maybe just a small lumbar pillow on the bed?

Also I'm craving emerald green. I used to always say I want an emerald green headboard, but I think that a neutral headboard is better. Instead, I am going to get a couple of large emerald green velvet pillows from Live Love Smile.

The hardest thing for me to master styling wise is making the bed look good. I tend to get very hot while I sleep, so I need to use the thin 'cool' IKEA duvet cover, but it makes the bed look flat and uninviting. I think the key is to layer, I can always take a thicker, fluffier duvet cover off before I go to sleep.

Here is the current state of the bedroom (I'm only showing you all this because I love you...):

Okay now I am sufficiently embarrassed. Time to get ready to paint!!


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

so cute pics ;-0)

i invite to me too


Margaret said...[Reply]

Looking forward to seeing the progress. It's a great color combo!

Lesley Metcalfe said...[Reply]

I love your plan! Your bedroom is going to look great once you're finished with it. How fun that you have a blank canvas to start with. I'm also starting to redecorate my bedroom, it's in major need of an overhaul. Those sconces are my dream too! But too expensive. I'm curious to see what your DIY ideas are for them.

P.S. You have no need of being embarrassed by the current state of your bedroom! Just think of how much of an impact your before and after photos are going to look! But if you would like some company in shame, you need to know that I have a piece of blackout fabric hanging from a couple of nails and this acts as my "drapes" lol! :)

Rowan Morrissy said...[Reply]

Don't worry girl! We get it! It takes so long to properly get a house together. I love the emerald green you picked out as inspiration! It is so luxurious and glam. I'm sure your bedroom will be beautiful when it is done. Especially after seeing how lovely your living room is!

xo, Rowan

Jackie said...[Reply]

I have the same problem in that I get hot while I sleep, so big fluffy blankets and duvets are tough. I'm actually just unable to sleep under any duvet, even a thin one. I just take my duvet off to the side while I sleep and just sleep under a sheet. It's the only way!

Stuart Spindlow said...[Reply]

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Faheem Ahmed said...[Reply]

love your arrangement! Your room is going to look extraordinary once you're done with it. How fun that you have a clear canvas to begin with. I'm likewise beginning to rearrange my room, it's in real need of an upgrade. Those sconces are my fantasy as well! In any case, excessively costly. I'm interested to see what your DIY thoughts are for them.

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Erin said...[Reply]

Go dark! You won't be sorry, I promise. Our bedroom has gone from mid-tone grey (it seemed sooooo dark twelve years ago when I first painted it -- grey hadn't become popular yet & everyone thought I was mad to go so "dark", but I loved it!) to nearly-black navy. And I love it so very much. Our house is 90 years old, so we have nice skirting boards and window trim and crown mouldings, which provide a lovely, crisp contrast in warm white. Every time I go in the bedroom, it makes me happy. I've also solved the hot-while-sleeping problem with a thin duvet, complimented by layers -- works perfectly! I can't wait to see your finished bedroom-- go dark!

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Bali Wallpaper said...[Reply]

you have a good planning, good ideas will be realized..


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Mark Grogan said...[Reply]

Getting your house to a state where you can really feel satisfied at how it looks and feels is a real effort I think. I personally would not feel the same way about my bedroom if the lamps and storage cupboards weren't in!

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