Dream House Alphabet: E

E is for Entry 

Okay, I know that an entry is technically called a foyer, but I don't necessarily need a big huge formal foyer (and plus I've got a very special *must have* item reserved for the 'F' of this little series). All I would need is enough room for a little bench, maybe a cute umbrella stand, a mirror, and a little catch all for mail and keys, etc. I think that often, entries are overlooked in a typical home, but it's important to remember that this area is the FIRST impression (well...besides the exterior) that people get of your home. It should introduce them to what's to come!
Via Amber Interior Design
^Gasp, gulp, swoon! Just look at that piece of art! Now that, my friends, is what we like to call a good first impression. I'm adding fabulous art to my above list of what I need out of a foyer.

Via Little Green Notebook
 ^This colorful vignette in Jenny's home would make the perfect impact in an entry. It's chalked full of personality!

^ I love this idea of layering furniture for tight spaces like a foyer. So glamorous!

 ^Don't be shy to add some fun quirks like this adorable owl umbrella stand! Here is a similar one for youuu.
What is your Dream House 'E'. I should point out that ensuite washroom for the master is also in the dream house, but this was more fun to brainstorm about :)
xox Tiffany Leigh 


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I've always been a fan of foyers/entryways... you can do so much with such a small space! Plus it's the first thing visitors see when entering your house so it has to say a lot about you and what they'll see throughout the rest of your home ;) Love all these inspiring photos!!

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

cute :P :P

Kim@Chattafabulous said...[Reply]

I have the tiniest, narrowest (is that a word?) foyer and I think after we finally get the floors in I'll have only a pretty mirror and a few paintings.

Laura@happyroost said...[Reply]

I would love to have a foyer in my home but unfortunately the front door opens directly into the living room of my arts and crafts bungalow.


Ambs said...[Reply]

You are right about that art in the first photo - awesome! So often you see mirrors in an entryway, but I love that idea. Cute blog!


Emily said...[Reply]

Your blog is so cute! I am moving this weekend and hopefully will turn my new place in my "dream house!" Thanks for the inspiration!

Your newest follower,


STARDUST said...[Reply]

Love foyers! Wish we had one! :(