Silk Sleep: Sleep Mask Giveaway!

Remember last week when I complained mentioned that the sun wakes me up in my room super early? Well this week, all of my problems are solved! My friends at Silk Sleep so graciously offered to send me one of their 100% silk sleep masks.
I've always wanted a nice sleep mask. My fictional idols Holly Golightly and Carrie Bradshaw both wear one, so really it was just a matter of time. This one is perfection. It's surprisingly comfortable and the silk is wrinkle preventative ladies...can't complain about that! It even has little silk pillows built in under the eyes. I feel a little more glamorous each night, and ALOT more well rested each morning. Yesterday I even slept in until 11 am! Oops! Can't remember the last time I did that.

Sleep Mask / Mug / Duvet / Sheets (Kate Spade - old)

Silk Sleep also has some gorgeous silk duvets and sheets that I wouldn't mind curling up in:
Do any of YOU use a sleep mask?
Well if not, now is your chance because silk sleep is giving away one of their 100% silk sleep masks to one lucky reader! This contest is open to all followers of Tiffany Leigh Interior Design! Just follow the rafflecopter below for more ways to win!
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Good luck loves! xo


Jessica Bouchard said...[Reply]

This sleep mask looks so luxurious! I currently have the same problem as you with the sun waking me up in the mornings! I'd love one of these to be able to get some extra sleep! x

Valerie said...[Reply]

I would love a sleep mask to block out the spotlight that points into my window at night!

Natalie said...[Reply]

You are just too cute. :) I've never found a sleep mask that is actually comfy, so I'm really excited about these. I'd totally go with the blue one to match my bedding.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I have never worn a sleep mask, but I would love to try one! By the way, Tiffany, you are totally adorbs.

Love the Kate Spade sheets!


Katherine said...[Reply]

These sleep masks are beautiful! I'd love the one in chocolate ... well, really, I'd love any of them! This is such a cute post :)

maci234 said...[Reply]

I, would be happy with any as I have never tried using one

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

;) love the pictures of you wearing it ;)

Jane said...[Reply]

Black please

clairew137 said...[Reply]

The pinky one.

Rica said...[Reply]

How glam! I would love a black one :)

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...[Reply]

I had a mask waaay back in high school and i lost it in college. I'd love to get a replacement-finally!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Pink is so nice!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Blue is my fave!

Janea said...[Reply]

hope i win! i love sleep masks. and holly golightly has my fave sleep mask ;)

Janea said...[Reply]

oops i forgot to say -- black or pink! super cute sidewalkscenes@gmail . com

saf khan said...[Reply]

Pink is so nice

Isis1981uk said...[Reply]

I'd pick dusky pink!

Cathy said...[Reply]

I think that I would chose the pink one.

Angie said...[Reply]

green for me

juneski said...[Reply]


Emily Fowler said...[Reply]

I'd love pink if I won!

Donna said...[Reply]

Pink is great!

Hayley Todd said...[Reply]

I love the pink / lavender colour!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Black please -

janine atkin said...[Reply]

id choose the blue one. id love one of these

beano54 said...[Reply]

A great prize
i need this as i have some lines around mt eyes
if i won i would Love the black please
my email is
thank you

Unknown said...[Reply]

This is what I need, my curtains are not thick enough and allows too much light through. I need something to shield my eyes, the brightness wakes me up 5:00am every morning. I would love to win the dusky pink eye mask. Thank you!

lindilala said...[Reply]


Julie said...[Reply]

The blue one!

sarahlee3 said...[Reply]

I would choose dusky pink - what a lovely sleepy colour!

JOHN T MEAD said...[Reply]

The black one please!

Sheila Reeves said...[Reply]

Love the chocolate one @CakeReev

natashajayne said...[Reply]

Purple Please


Amy Breckenridge said...[Reply]

i would choose the pink mask for sure! :)

Lorena Chavez said...[Reply]

I still need to try my sleeping mask sample. I'm waiting on the weather to get cold...still warm here. This one sounds like a good one if you're like me and completely new to sleeping masks.