Wear/Where: The Lips Trend in Fashion and Home Decor

Today, it's all about paying some lip service to lips. There's something so feminine and sexy about a big ol pair of lips - Angelina Jolie knows what I'm talking about - and I'm loving this fun playful trend popping up in fashion and decor lately. I've been all over this. As long as I have my bachelorette pad, I'm taking advantage of as many girly things as possible...but let's be honest, even when I'm living with a man, the lips are going to stay.
sweater / print
This is  a great example of how fashion and decor are major influences on eachother. I am in love with my watercolor lips from The Aestate. I've posted about them more times than I probably should, but they are that good. Apparently Forever 21 was loving those lips too because they made a sweater looking suspiciously similar..... which I of course bought and can't wait to wear all fall.
Are you loving the lips trend? Big fat kisses to all of you xoxoxox.


Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I adore the water color print!

Alexa said...[Reply]

Love the lips trend. I seriously love that print! So gorgeous.

Jen (House of Ruby Jean) said...[Reply]

I love my Lips print too, never going to leave!

Kristen said...[Reply]

LOVE. I seriously have been saying I need that print for sooooo long now! I need to just do it already!

LiveLaughDecorate said...[Reply]

No idea why, but equally obsessed with those lips. Won one of the Aestate's prints from the Glamourmash and purchased one for a project.

Jessica said...[Reply]

thanks for the love Tiff! and everybody else. might have to pick up that sweatshirt next time i'm at forever