Pretty Rugs (and whats underneath them)

Okay guys, today I'm going to talk about a not-so-glamorous decor tip that I think is worth mentioning, and that's the importance of a good quality underpad for your rug.You all know about my love for my gorgeous hand-woven rug which I scored from an estate sale:

Well, the only problem that I was running into with it was keeping it in place. Most high-quality rugs have no added backing, meaning that there is no rubber grip to keep them in place, and this can result in sliding and bunching around furniture. This is not a great look, and good design is in the details.

When my friends over at Rug Pad USA offered to send me one of their premium-lock rug pads to try, I was thrilled! Unlike many rug pads available on the market today, Rug Pad USA offers rugs pads that are made in the US, and use natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber as well as 100% recycled felt. I'm all about sustainable design whenever possible. They also can cut it down to your custom size. I also learned that using a rug pad protects your floors from discoloration.
Since laying the rug pad down, my rug stays put and it is way more cushy and comfortable underfoot. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Rug Pad USA!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

The right pad makes all the difference.

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I might have to get my own

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...[Reply]

I always think of rug pads as unnecessary but clearly I need some!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...[Reply]

I always think of rug pads as unnecessary but clearly I need some!

Unknown said...[Reply]

How have I never hear of these before??!! This is such a great idea! I recently picked up an old persian rug at a local auction and I have been driving myself MAD trying to keep it flat under my dining table, I definitely need to see if I can get one of theses in the UK :)
Emily xxx

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

The right pad does make a difference, both on hard surface floors and carpeting. You use one side for hard surface and the other for carpeting.

Unknown said...[Reply]

We inherited a rug from my grandparents - they'd had it a long time (with a pad), and my parents kept it on a pad for many more years. But a few years ago, the pad apparently deteriorated. My sister didn't replace it, and in short order, the rug was thread-bare and falling apart at the edges! Pads are important!

You're is a lovely rug! Take great care of it! Especially if you have good furniture with it.