Sarah and Tommy's Gingerbread House: Last Day to Bid

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm sharing an exciting project that I worked on in collaboration with the talented Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe. The design duo partnered with the Children's Aid Foundation and Raghuram Addagada, executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, to create one masterpiece of a gingerbread house! I sat down with Sarah and Tommy, who explained their design ideas in detail. I then translated the design into some sketches which were given to the chef in order to build the house. 
 Here is the final result - it turned out so lovely! The dough has even been dyed in Sarah's signature watery palette. The back of the house is open like a dollhouse, showcasing some holiday inspired interior design.
image via @sarahrichardsondesign

The gingerbread house is being auctioned off and today is the last day to bid! The best part is that all proceeds go towards the Children's Aid Foundation, which helps children who have experienced abuse or neglect. The winner will also receive my sketches. This was such a fun project to be included on. Happy Bidding! Click here to go to the auction!


Unknown said...[Reply]

Fantastic Tiffany- aren't you having a ball working there!!! Lucky you, I am thrilled for you and that they see your talent! xo Nancy

Unknown said...[Reply]
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Unknown said...[Reply]

hi i like to put your blogs link in my blog if you do so,let me know

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Congrats on your new EXCITING job!!! So happy for you! You are incredibly talented. I'm glad your dreams are coming true :)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

And that's why they hired you my friend. Pure talent! :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

That is one impressive gingerbread house! The only thing that would make this more awesome would be if you put gingerbread furniture pieces in there too!