Selling: Tiffany Leigh Original Abstract Art

 UPDATE: Both paintings are sold. Thank you so much for everyone who e-mailed me with interest in purchasing my work. If you are still interested, I will be taking on custom paintings this summer. Please e-mail me and I will add your name to a list.

Hi loves! In an effort for a bit of a decor switch up, I'm letting go of some of my current apartment swag, including this huge original piece painted by yours truly. This painting is probably my most complimented/asked about/emailed about piece in my entire space, and now it can be yours! The piece measures 24"x48" and was featured on The Everygirl! I thought about keeping it for myself, but can't bear the thought of it in storage!

I'm asking $275 for the piece. This includes shipping within Canada or the US (does not include any duty/brokerage fees that may occur at border). Shipping a piece this big is expensive, so this is a great deal, especially for the size.

Please e-mail me at tiffanyleighinteriordesign@gmail.com if interested! First come, first serve.

I also have this other, slightly smaller piece (24"x36") that is so pretty and reminds me of confetti. Asking $240, shipping included for this one:

Can't wait for these pieces to find lovely new homes and to create some new art!


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Lindsay Living said...[Reply]

Tiffany! I can't believe you're letting that painting go! I absolutely love it. Have you gotten much response about it? I'm so tempted to buy it but don't know where I would put it in my place right now...

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