Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Wishbone Chair

A Brief History:
The wishbone chair was designed in 1949 by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. Since it's invention, it has been in constant production by the fine furniture company Carl Hansen and Son. It gets its name from the unique centre piece on the back of the chair, which literally resembles the forked clavicle or collar bone found in most birds, commonly called a wishbone. There was an ancient belief that chickens were fortune tellers, and that when two people hold the wishbone and pull it until it breaks, the person left with the longer piece will have their wish granted. Kinda cool!

For the more practical minded, it's also known as the Y-chair. Officially the CH24. Easily customizable and made from steam bent beechwood. Priced at around $800. It's name is totally appropriate because although it's way out of my budget, one can always wish.

What I love about these chairs is their delicate, gorgeous frame, and their tremendous customizability.
I'm going to wish on a wishbone for a wishbone chair. How about you?
Tiffany Leigh


lek funiture said...[Reply]

sawasdee ka

i come to visit you blog naka


Unknown said...[Reply]

I'm wishing too! obsessed with this chair, fun post:)