Favourite Furniture Fridays: Courtney Lane

Hi guys! I'm Courtney. I'm an interior design student in Seattle, and I blog about my love for design over at my blog, Courtney Lane. I was so happy when Tiffany asked me to come over and share my favorite piece of furniture with you guys!

The piece of furniture I'm showing you today is something I recently bought at a thrift store and am making plans to majorly update this summer!

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge DIYer. I know, I know. A blogger that isn't a DIY guru, what? I do like to do crafts, but usually when I see a DIY project that has more than 3 steps, I quickly decide to do something else. 

But every once in a while, especially in the summer when I'm free as a bird, I get in the mood for a bigger project.

When I saw this sewing table at the thrift store, it was love at first sight. I had recently been given my own nice sewing machine for Christmas, so I definitely didn't need another sewing machine. But it was definitely a plus that this one was in good working condition too. But I saw this desk and had visions of keeping my sewing supplies in the drawers and just having an extra work space. I loved how the machine could fold down into the desk too if I needed more room! 

Then I came back to reality and realized I should check the price tag. I guessed it would be closer to $100 dollars and then it would be out of the question. But...score! It was only 35 dollars. So my mom and I hauled this cute thing out of the store and brought it home.

My plans for this sewing table are still coming together, but so far I know that I want to paint it either an antique white, a light gray, oooor a fun color. {I really narrowed it down there, didn't I? Ha}. I also want to switch out the handles for some cute Anthropologie ones like one of these styles:


I am so excited to get started on this project when I'm out of school in June. I already love this little desk but I know I'll love it even more when it gets transformed :)

Thank you so much for having me today Tiffany! 
No thank YOU darling, for sharing this beautiful piece with us! What colour do you guys think Courtney should paint this baby? I'm leaning towards grey...or maybe a turquoise? Go check out her blog NOW! You won't regret it. 
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charmaine said...[Reply]

I think gray would look pretty with the turquoise sewing machine. Great find! Heading over to her blog now.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

What an adorable thrift!! Such a good price too! I think you should go with the library pulls and that way you could put little labels into them for your supplies! It would work perfect since it's an actual work space piece!