Pretty Personality, or Just Plain Clutter?

A talented reader recently advised me to avoid cluttering up my new lease. I definitely agree. Too many objects in a small space can overwhelm the room and leave it feeling messy.
That being said, I love a good vignette, and I also think that little trinkets add personality to a room. Without them, a space just doesn't feel complete.
 I came across a quote in the June 2012 issue of Canada's Style at Home magazine that perfectly exemplifies this:
"Shereen's home was lovely in terms of the basics...but she had very little art, no tchotchkes, no bits from travels. I kept saying to her, 'You can't tell who lives here'"

-Nancy Riesco, Designer

So, I think that organized clutter may be the answer. A little can go a long way in making an impact that is uniquely you.
 Here are my tips for small spaces:
1) Keep clutter organized within a pretty tray

2) Showcase your most beloved trinkets only
3) If you have a large collection, rotate it!

Feel free to weigh in on the clutter debate!
Tiffany Leigh


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

so pretty ;))

STARDUST said...[Reply]

Nope! I couldn't live in a house with so much clutter, it would make me feel upset!

miss b said...[Reply]

I love the tray - pretty items but organised too!