Favourite Furniture Fridays: Powell Brower Home

Hi! I'm Nancy from Powell Brower Home.
I'm happy to join Tiffany for her Favorite Furniture Friday series! It really made me go around my house and analyze what pieces I like the best, and I was hard pressed to come up with only one.  I love my mom's antique round tilt top table, and I still love my Mid Century solid teak dining room table, but my new favorite is this sofa I got last year from Room and Board.  It is my third white sofa in 25 years, so I'm not afraid of white since it has survived my kids, my animals, red wine stains and so on.  I will always have a white sofa, and have never tired of it. 
This is the Hawthorne, 85" long and in the Doss microsuede fabric. It is super comfortable and so versatile.

I will add a 2nd favorite furniture piece and that is my glass coffee table that I found at Salvation Army for $40.00.  It has solid brass hinges and is 1/2" glass top and bottom.

Thanks for having me Tiffany, and I look forward to following your design projects this term! Best of luck!  Come see us at Powell Brower Home!

I just love the velvety look of Nancy's sofa! I agree, I can't get enough of white sofas. I was really nervous about keeping one clean but surprisingly it has held up really well. And what a great deal on that coffee table. Thanks for sharing Nancy!
Happy Weekend lovies.


pam {simple details} said...[Reply]

I have two, you just can't beat a white sofa! That table was a steal! Nice to meet you Tiffany ~ have a great weekend ladies!

Albertina || MimosaLane said...[Reply]

It seems so comfortable! ANd I love the feel of the room.

Taylor Morgan said...[Reply]

very beautiful room! love it!

love from NYC,

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Danielle said...[Reply]

I love the simple color scheme! And that couch looks like you could just sink into it with a good book for hours!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...[Reply]

Love her bravery with the white sofa. Nancy is my new hero!

Yels said...[Reply]

I love that Nancy has always had a white sofa. I have always been so terrified with kids, but there really is nothing better than a crisp, clean white sofa! This is such a calm & comfortable space. Yels x

Kristen Marie said...[Reply]

I would love a light colored sofa, but I feel like I would accidently spill some red wine or get chocolate on it somehow ;-) Loving the coffee table and that coral sitting on top of the books! love love love!

LiveLaughDecorate said...[Reply]

Man, three white sofas? Impressive. Xavier is wreaking havoc on my chocolate brown sofa so I could never work up the nerve to get a white one. Kudos to you lady. And yes, that coffee table was a steal! Love

Alex moner said...[Reply]

I'm not afraid of white since it has survived my kids, my animals, red wine stains and so on.Pressure Cooker Pros

Alex moner said...[Reply]

I look forward to following your design projects this term! Best of luck! Come see us at Powell Brower Home! kitchen knives

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