Styling my Shelf

Since moving in, I've slowly been gathering pieces to add a little extra style to my shelf, which doubles as a TV stand in my studio apartment. Last week I promised to show you guys the entire shelf, so here it is! It's still a work in progress (I think I need a footed bowl, or something similar), and I definitely need to find a solution for those unsightly cables and wires, but I love all the bright and fun elements!
It currently houses (from top left clockwise) my design school textbooks, my dvd player and buddha head, a geometric notebook and "Good Bones Great Pieces", my agate bookends, design magazines and my pretty toile plate, more design magazines, my Audrey Hepburn coffee table books, and my dvds.

It really is no surprise to me that the EXPEDIT unit from IKEA is so popular! Its clean lines and simple shape make it easy to style and make your own. Such a versatile piece of furniture.
 Do any of you own the Expedit? I'd love to see how you have it styled! E-mail me a picture and maybe I'll do a feature!


Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...[Reply]

I'll say this- I've seen it on three different blogs today (and I'm sitting here staring at my own in my home office) and each and every one is styled so differently, it could be a unique furniture piece altogether! I use it to showcase my magazine collection as well! Lookin good!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

It looks great! Functional and pretty, you can't beat that!

LiveLaughDecorate said...[Reply]

It's one of the best pieces Ikea has to offer. Fun, versatile and can be styled in so many ways. I use em often and you guessed it, I have one in my office. Will share pics if you decide to feature.

srldesign said...[Reply]

I have been using my Expedit as a temporary tv unit as well. Hopefully once I'm done with my credenza, she can move into the kiddies room, but for now, mine is helping out in the living area. It's a great alternative when you need something stylish and affordable, I'll have to send you a pic of mine! :)

Natalie said...[Reply]

I've always been such a fan of how those shelves look and I LOVE how you styled it! Also love your foo dog print, adorable!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I'll probably end up going with this Expedit shelf in my apartment come August... it works perfectly anywhere!! Yours looks fabulous. Just a thought - my roommates cords were showing too and she got a wall cord cover that goes on the wall and runs the cords down it. She got it at Home Depot in the lighting section and painted it the same color as the wall and it worked perfectly! Just an idea!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...[Reply]

3M makes great cable organizers that you could just stick to the back of one of the vertical pieces of your shelf and run the wires though. I use them for everything! I totally don't work for them, I just like their products. (here's a link, i'm not so good a describing all the time)

Sara said...[Reply]

SO cute! I love the way you decorate things!

Laura Collins said...[Reply]

There are so many things I love here- awesome dinosaur & foo dog picture- so cute!!

Laura xo

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

I've been thinking about getting the Expedit (IKEA is 5 hours away so I really have to plan for it) but I think you pushed me over into the yes column. I love how modern, clean and versatile it is!!

Nicole Dianne said...[Reply]

cute! never thought to use that piece as a TV stand..i absolutely love it :)

Danielle said...[Reply]

I have this shelf in my house, and I used it for an sofa table/bar. It has so many uses. I love the way you styled it (I especially love the dinosaur!).

Unknown said...[Reply]

You styled the shelves beautifully. I have these shelves in my home too (all 3 different sizes) They are so functional and versatile-I LOVE them.

Andie Lowrence said...[Reply]

It looks nice and pretty cool.