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I used to think table cloths were only for messy occasions..and I'll admit I thought they were a bit on the 'dowdy' side...Boy do I feel silly about that! Lately I've been seeing shots that prove table cloths can add a whole lot of fab to the setting - for every day or for a special party.
I just adore the texture, colour and pattern they can add to a space:
via Rue Valentine's Day Party
Naomi Stein via Design*Sponge
via Victoria Pearson
via Lonny Mag
via Style Me Pretty
I'm even loving a plain table cloth in an otherwise busy room! It really adds balance:
via The Long and Short of It
I've officially been converted to the 'love' side, but what do YOU think about table cloths? Do you keep one on your table every day or only for special occasions?


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Tiffany, I'm a mother of 2 boys and I use tablecloth a lot! Plain or with florals, it just bright up any lunch. Cheers, Johane

Linda {Calling it Home} said...[Reply]

My table is naked...I dress her when company is coming.

Leanne said...[Reply]

I know what ya mean about the table cloth. However, when you see these images {the table cloth done right!} you've gotta love it!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

We people come over, I slap a table cloth on, but with two messy eaters, I don't bother with one everyday. They sure are pretty though.

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

nice; DDD

i invite to me too


sue smith said...[Reply]

I love the idea! Let me know if you happen to find find any good sources for black and white round tablecloths.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

I prefer a "naked" table! When I have dinner or a party, I use place mats.
I find that most cloths are pretty to look at but extremely impractical! The one annoying point is how your knees hit it when sitting.... thus the cloth looses it's appearance and simply gets in the way!

Kristen said...[Reply]

I love a good table cloth! I typically only bring mine out when guests come over.

Hannah said...[Reply]

Definitely for guests! I think it looks amazing when dressed up with pretty dishes!

P.S. Thanks for the tag yesterday! Definitely going to participate :) xo

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Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...[Reply]

Tiffany, I think you just changed my mind completely about tablecloths. I used to think they were dowdy too but these photos most definitely prove otherwise!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...[Reply]

Tablecloths and kids go together, so I use them all the time. Before having kids I wouldn't have thought they'd be a good idea for little ones, but it helps protect the table from fork banging and whatnot. As long as they are easy to care for and not too precious, of course (I'm not busting out any antique lace for Ben's lunches, ha ha). Also, any excuse to bring in more fun fabric :)


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...[Reply]

That suzani cloth on the round table is screaming to join me in my kitchen!! I may have to dust off my sewing skills for one of those bad-boys.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I leave my table mostly naked except for colorful placemats that I posted about here: (wow need to update these photos)

I don't love the table though - it was a hand-me-down - so a tablecloth would be a great idea! Thanks Tiffany!


Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I love putting a table cloth on the table when we have company but that's how I grew up. The first one is fabulous!

mikky said...[Reply]

Oh that first table is gorgeous. The flowers are just so pretty.


Unknown said...[Reply]

Loving all the pink and gold in the first picture! Plus, the chevron tablecloth is simply fabo!

costlules said...[Reply]

I have been seeing pictures that prove desk cloths can add a complete lot of fab to the setting - for every day or for a special occasion.
I just adore the feel, colour and pattern they can add to an area: