Black Bathrooms

I have black bathrooms on the brain. They are moody and sexy, yet somehow relaxing all at the same time. It all started with Jenna Lyons' bathroom that everyone fell in love with when it appeared in Domino back in 2008, and from there, my obsession has only grown and grown.
Jenna Lyons via Domino November 2008
Mark D. Sikes via Domaine
Gaby Burger via The Vault Files
via Lonny June/July 2010
via Cupcakes and Cashmere
I love Emily's recently unveiled powder room in the last image. It actually reminds me a lot of this powder room I designed for school a year ago! (read more about the project here and here) :

How do you guys feel about the whole black bathroom thing? Would you, could you?


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

so cute!! ; ]


Jackie said...[Reply]

I love it! Like you said, it's moody but somehow feels relaxing. Jenna's is totally the quintessential example. Loving Emily's floral wallpaper - so funny how similar your gorgeous design is!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

These are stunning! I especially love the one with the flowered wall paper.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

I love the look!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I've actually been thinking about doing my bathroom black. BUT I've heard that it shows all the watermarks and other not so pretty things in a bath. And after I painted my closet black I have to say the marks and stains aren't pretty.
But I really want a black bath!! ;) Love the look

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...[Reply]

so glam aren't they .... love black. It always is right and rich!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...[Reply]

I definitely would! I remember Jenna Lyons bathroom! Stunning. It works so well with brass and marble. :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...[Reply]

i love this look as well. It is soothing and sophisticated. I love the round-up you did...adored all the bathrooms!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love them! Bathrooms are such a small space and can certainly make their own stand alone statement. Love the fact that you can play with prints, patterns and colours on a smaller scale and pack a huge punch! What a wonderful set of images you've pulled together!

Katy Byrne said...[Reply]

Oh yes, sign me up! Love the black

Unknown said...[Reply]

Hey !!

I love the black bathroom idea, especially cool with that really striking wallpaper! I think the bathroom is one room where it is ok to go black, having a bath in the dark with candles in a black room would be so relaxing and I also think that black ceramic tiles look amazing so YES to black bathrooms !! I love your plan for a bathroom too, your layout sketch is great !

x Victoria @ Alf & Emilio

Unknown said...[Reply]

Black is such a sexy color, i especially love the gallery wall!

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...[Reply]

Love of my favorite bathrooms I had was one I did in black and white toile. Very classy!

nancy john said...[Reply]

Nice look of interior design it is really cool

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