Warby Parker X Architects for Humanity

 Gone are the days when wearing glasses was uncool. Today, being a 'four eyes' is so damn chic people are wearing fake lenses just to look good. No joke people.
I have to say, I think much of this is owing to Warby Parker, a company that produces stylish glasses at an affordable price. To top it all off, for every pair of glasses that Warby sells, a pair of glasses is distributed to a person in need. I love that. That is worth celebrating:
via Warby Parker Class Trip
Now, to do even more good, Warby Parker has teamed up with Architecture for Humanity just in time for AfH's 15th anniversary. For the last 15 years, Architecture for Humanity has been providing "vulnerable communities with vital, innovative and most of all community-driven architectural, planning and construction services". Together, these companies have collaborated to create 2 exclusive new frames (Aslin and Fowler) which are inspired by an appreciation for streamlined angles and built to last materials like Japanese Titanium and Warby's signature acetate. Plus, they look absolutely lovely. Today is the release date of this inspiring collaboration!

And if all that good deed doing doesn't inspire you to buy a pair, perhaps a little inspiration of a couple of fabulous ladies in their fabulous Warby Parkers (of various styles) will:
via Styled Avenue
via Warby Parker Class Trip
Doing good is always in style in my books!
Read more about the collaboration and how you can contribute here.



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

I love my Warbys. Those new sunglasses are killer.

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

I sure could use some

designchic said...[Reply]

I just love their glasses and the concept!!

beesha said...[Reply]

Love this post...I'm on the hunt for new sunglasses and will be checking these out! Thanks. :)

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