Custom Watercolour Commission: The Fashion Cookbook

I was recently contacted by Patricia and Hannah, the adorably chic founders of The Fashion Cookbook, to help design a watercolour image for their site redesign. The pair wanted me to create something inspired by this image from their home page, with a champagne glass pouring a necklace into a glass filled with rings.

With this inspiration in mind, I painted them this charming little watercolor for their 'contact' page:
I love the final result, the whole renovation of the site looks fabulous and the girls were so lovely to work with. Congrats Hannah and Patricia! I know great things are coming your way.
Be sure to check out The Fashion Cookbook for a daily dose of the ingredients of style.


Saz said...[Reply]

Such a cute design, I love it!

Saz // Oh Dollymix

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

Very,very clever and a perfect way to portray their brand.

Kristen said...[Reply]

OMG this is adorable. I love your watercolors!

Because I'm Obsessed said...[Reply]

SO cute! & pretty! Good job!

Because I'm Obsessed

Anonymous said...[Reply]

It looks great! Love that you are doing some commissioned art! I'm definitely interested in a canvas painting :)

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

Wow, you are amazing. Love it