My New Job - Sarah Richardson Design

Hi my loves. You may be wondering why I have been blogging so little lately, and I felt I owe you all an explanation. If you follow me on instagram, then you might have already picked up on this.

I recently started a new {absolute dream} job, working as a junior designer for one of my biggest career influencers and role models, Sarah Richardson. I still can't believe it! When I first moved to this city just over 2 years ago, I dreamed of something like this happening, but did not actually believe it to be possible. I have been watching Sarah's shows for as long as I can remember, and now to be a part of her fantastic team and learning the ins-and-outs of the business from people who I respect and admire so much is such a dream true. Every day is a new adventure and I wake up happy and excited to head to work.

I am still also doing school full time until June, so between the new job and school I don't have much time for blogging at the moment. After Christmas my course load lightens up a bit and I should be able to resume a more consistent blogging schedule. I hope that you will bear with me until then! In the meantime, I will continue to post whenever I get a chance!

Sarah and her team have been responsible for some of my very favourite rooms, including this one which I just had to draw. The warm colors were calling my name on a chilly October day last week. It was such an honor when Sarah shared this rendering on her facebook and instagram over the weekend!

via House and Home
I'm so excited for Sarah's new book, Sarah Style, where she shares her tips and tricks with all of us, and you can see this and many more gorgeous rooms. Did you get your copy yet? If not, click here to get your copy of Sarah Style today! 



Julia Ryan said...[Reply]

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely one of the most incredible things I've heard in a while. So awesome! How exciting Tiffany!!!!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...[Reply]

Congratulations!! So fun to see your career take off with all these exciting steps!

Saz said...[Reply]

Wow, congratulations on the new job!!

// Oh Dollymix

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

Again I say Bravo! CONGRATULATIONS! BTW I love your renderings. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. So happy for you.....

Ecochic said...[Reply]

That's fantastic!! Congratulations!! You have every Canadian fangirl of HGTV's dream job! You will be amazing with her team.

RestonDogHouse said...[Reply]

Congratulations! That's amazing! I live in Virginia, don't have cable tv, and even I know about Sarah Richardson-and also love her style, haha. Best of luck to you!

Jackie said...[Reply]

Congratulations, how amazing! That's so great for you. And seriously, your renderings get better and better! That is absolutely GORGEOUS. I might need to hire you for a commission! I love interior renderings and this one just blew my mind. Love, love, love!

LG said...[Reply]

Congrats! That's so awesome. I just started reading your blog the other day, but you've come such a long way since beginning a step one in ID just a couple years ago!

Can't wait to hear more about the new gig!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Congrats sweetie! You have the perfect design sensibilities to mesh with Sarah's team. Go forth and design, and may your career bring you more joy than you ever imagined!

Sandra said...[Reply]

Tiffany, congrats all the way from Texas! I still believe you will be on HGTV with your own show one day b/c you're THAT good!!!


LiveLaughDecorate said...[Reply]

Aww Chica
Such an honor watching you pursue and achieve all your wishes
You are destined for greatness and this is only one of the many adventures in what will be a great career
Say hello to Sarah!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Congratulations Tiffany! That is awesome! :) You are such a talented & hard worker - Sarah is lucky to have you!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Congratulations, that's fantastic! It's great to see your career taking off, you are going to go far :)
Emily xx

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

Oh my gosh, get out! That is so so amazing and you totally deserve it. Big fat congratulations from me. It was always obvious to me that you would be/will be doing great things!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm over the moon for you and it couldn't happen to a better (and more talented) person!

nancy john said...[Reply]

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pam {simple details} said...[Reply]

Wow, Tiffany!!! That is so exciting, what a wonderful opportunity, your talent will be such an asset!!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...[Reply]

Wow, that is amazing and so exciting!! Wow, I am so happy and proud of you!! So very deserving, my friend!! :) And this rendering you did of her design is absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...[Reply]

So so awesome!!!! Congratulations! An amazing opportunity for your career;-) she is one of my FAVORITE designers ever! Enjoy!

Barbara Matson said...[Reply]

You are so incredibly lucky! Enjoy!

Unknown said...[Reply]

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Unknown said...[Reply]

Wow! Your design is so gorgeous. You are such a great interior designer. I'm so amazed how your creative imagination was successfully converted into reality. I would like to congratulate you for that, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing! More power to you!

Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer

chal said...[Reply]

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Unknown said...[Reply]

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Unknown said...[Reply]

Love the drawing and the room is gorgeous. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love the drawing and the room is gorgeous. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...[Reply]

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