Pull up a chair...er..sofa!

Well guys, I did it! Officially graduated... Pretty pumped to have an English degree under my belt. Also pumped that I can now resume more regular blogging about my NEXT degree, interior design. Yeah, I'm a professional student, embrace it.

Today I'm bringing you some beautiful images of sofa type seating in the dining room.
via Simple Dwellings
Is it awkward to shimmy into these seats? Do we care? I don't think I care. Too lovely. I think it also adds some extra functionality to the dining area, like curling up to read a book...with wine please, it's time to celebrate!
Tiffany Leigh


S T E P H A N I E L E A N N said...[Reply]

Congratulations! That is so exciting. Definitely time to celebrate! x

Anne said...[Reply]

Congratulations on graduating! Lovely inspiration photos here:)

charmaine said...[Reply]

Congratulations! That sofa from the second picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

CONGRATS, Tiffany!!! Love this idea of a couch as a "bench" or seat... especially at a dining room table or kitchen!

Nicole said...[Reply]

Congratulations! And so jealous you get to go to interior design. Way to go!

Nicole said...[Reply]

Congratulations! And so jealous you get to go to interior design. Way to go!

Jessica {The Aestate} said...[Reply]

I love this, totally doing this one day!

Jessica {The Aestate} said...[Reply]

Oh and congrats!! That is definitely no small feat!

hollyfoxenwells { threelayercake.blogspot.com } said...[Reply]

Congrats!!! That is amazing news!
holly foxen wells

Chrystina said...[Reply]

Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you!! Awesome couches, btw :)

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...[Reply]

Congrats Tifanny! Loving the last pic!

Nancy said...[Reply]

Congratulations! great accomplishment! Totally loving the banquette idea. Bethany wants one in her dining room and about ready to commit to one! love the last picture!

Megan@TwoDelighted said...[Reply]

Congratulations honey bunny!!! Very exciting!