Reader Question: Vintage on a Budget

Recently, Maris from rushsweetly messaged me the following question:
"Hello there! :) I'm moving into an apartment this August and I have a budding fascination with all things vintage. I've considered purchasing a simple yet feminine white lace duvet and using temporary wallpaper as an accent wall in my bedroom. Do you have any other ideas that I could use that would satisfy my vintage craving without breaking the bank? Thanks!"

I love her ideas of the lace duvet and wall covering! After checking out her tumblr, I got the impression that she is after romantic, antiqued vintage. Here are my other ideas for an affordable vintage bedroom:

1) A Wrought Iron Bedframe
This style of bedframe adds immediate vintage charm. When I was looking for one like this, many of the true antique frames came in 3/4 sizing, which is tricky (and expensive) for custom mattress and sheets.
Luckily for us, IKEA has an affordable option ($99)that has the same look:

 2) Vintage Dishware
Hit up your local antique store to find some beautiful dishware on the cheap! Of course, some patterns can be extremely pricey, but you can mix and match inexpensive individual plates, bowls and teacups. Place these on your dresser to hold pretty baubles.
3) Botanical or Floral Prints

Etsy is a great place to check for vintage prints, and this calendar by rifle paper co. reminds me so much of the image above.
Because 2012 is almost half over, the calendar is half price! Only $14. All of the images are beautiful and can be cut out and framed.

4) Vintage Fashion on Display  
Surely your love of vintage extends to your wardrobe. Why not display some of your favourite pieces? You can do this on a clothing rack, the back of the door, or even hanging on the wall!
Hit up flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops for unique vintage finds that speak to your own personal style. A good mirror, some beaded hand bags, a side chair, a night stand, etc.
My last tip is to mix in a few modern pieces so the room doesn't feel too dated.

I hope this helps! I'm sure your new place will turn out beautiful, and I expect some pictures when you are all settled in!
Tiffany Leigh
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Etienne Stoller said...[Reply]

I love all of this! Especially the bed frame. It's lovely. Thanks a lot for this!

lots of love xxx

Kim@Chattafabulous said...[Reply]

Such great advice and I love the calender idea. I once used an Audobon Society calender for a grouping of bird art. It was a great look for little $$.