Barbie Calendar Makes Great Art

I recently found and reblogged the following picture on my tumblr (http://be-mine-interior-design.tumblr.com):

Of course, this room is gorgeous for many reasons. The bubblegum pink tufted bed...the chocolatey grass cloth walls...but for me the ARTWORK takes center stage. I was drawn to this art because it's fashion inspired, and reminded me of the work by Dior Beauty's resident artist Bil Donovan. Here is a sample of his fabulous work:

 Isn't that piece on the wall amazing?! It's a whopping 9'x5' watercolor painting, and an original...I can hear the $$$ adding up, but one can wish right?

So naturally I assumed that the art in the first picture were some original fashion sketches also out of the budget, until an amazing follower (http://ehmihleezee.tumblr.com/), informed me that the prints are actually out of the BARBIE CALENDAR. I couldn't believe it! But it's true, See for yourself:

^2011 Calendar
^ Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2012 Calendar

Illustrator Robert Best does one or more editions of these calendars every year, and for under $20 you can call one your very own. Grab some frames and you've got instant high end art.

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I know I added a Barbie Calendar on my Christmas wish list!!
Will you? If not, many calendars have great prints for hanging as wall art. Do you have a favourite?


Anonymous said...[Reply]

That is such a good idea! I am definitely stealing this idea!

Jackie said...[Reply]

That large watercolor is beautiful. I love giant paintings, such an impact.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Can you say where you got your frames and what size they are? Thanks!!