Favourite Furniture Fridays: IKEA ALEX drawer unit with casters

{I'm beginning to think I should retitle this series 'Ikea' Furniture Fridays, I love so many of their items! But I like the title stays!}
Today the piece I'm featuring is the ALEX drawer unit with casters. Chances are you've seen this piece (and maybe didn't even realize it)!
^ This is actually my dream studio office space. The IKEA unit successfully seperates the desk into two distinct work stations:
One for designing, the other for sewing.

^ Here the castors have been removed and the units have been built into this giant island-style desk!
^Line them up!
^ Stack them up!
^ The IKEA catalogue does it right!

Do any of you have this piece? How do you like it?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Unknown said...[Reply]

Isn't Ikea great? Versatile and affordable pieces, I love it.

Alison Royer said...[Reply]

I love this unit! I use this piece to hold my clients fabrics. Each client has its own makes me feel organized (which is saying a lot)!! :)

Jessica said...[Reply]

This post makes me realize I NEED that piece in my office!

Maggie said...[Reply]

I'm definitely using this as part of my Girl Cave overhaul. Any idea how tall it is with the casters removed?

Anna (Minted Photography) said...[Reply]

Oh wow, love them used as an island. Beautiful!! What a great piece to hack. Thanks for sharing :)


Lorena said...[Reply]

Yup- I own one - got it for Christmas 2012, however it is still in the box .... my plans are to house all of my stamps in it with the shallow drawers. The downside is, I need to rid my craft room of a gigantic piece of furniture prior to the ALEX assembly - but someday it will be there. Check out my craft room at my blog post -

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on being featured on Scrapbooking 24/7!!!