Roses are Red, but VELVET is Blue

Don't tell my boyfriend, but I have a MAJOR CRUSH on blue velvet. Actually maybe do tell him, that way on special occasions I'll get velvet instead of flowers...wouldn't that be lovely? I spend my time day dreaming about this rich, warm and luxurious fabric! Drooling.
via Emily Henderson
^ Bright blue chair steals the show.
^ A cozy blue tufted headboard.
via The Decorista
Um...Excuse me, were you just checking out my crush? Well that's okay, I don't blame you ;)
Which is your fave?
xox Tiffany Leigh


Laura@happyroost said...[Reply]

Love that blue sofa in the last photo! I agree, blue velvet IS gorgeous!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...[Reply]

Just got some amazing blue velvet curtains for a client from HalfPrice Drapes. She is a blue velvet admirer too!

Adding the finishing touch said...[Reply]

Stunning! The second and third picture are my favourites!

I'm actually going fabric hunting on Saturday for two chairs we're having reupholstered. I'm in the market for blue..maybe I'll pick blue velvet!

Unknown said...[Reply]

So pretty! I have a fascination with blue corduroy, of all things.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i feel like that blue couch in the last picture would be a dream to snuggle on, love it!

i have this ridiculously old, raggity blue velvet chair i somehow acquired while rounding up furniture for my apartment. it's not very pretty looking but i love it.

Laura said...[Reply]

Those chairs are gorgeous!

Laura xo